What happens after the end of Flashpoint?  Geoff Johns and Jim Lee have announced that DC Comics will relaunch the entire DC Universe line of comics with 52 brand new number one issues, beginning with Justice League #1 written by Johns, with art by Lee.

DC Comics will only publish two comic books on August 31st: the final issue of this summer’s comic book mini-series FLASHPOINT and the first issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE by Johns and Lee, two of the most distinguished and popular contemporary comic book creators, who will be collaborating for the first time. Together they will offer a contemporary take on the origin of the comic book industry’s premier superhero team.

Stunned? Shocked? Word has been floating around for several weeks that the events of Flashpoint would have a semi-lasting impact on the DC Universe, with some character and titles getting total makeovers.

“We looked at what was going on in the marketplace and felt we really want to inject new life in our characters and line,” says Dan DiDio, who co-publishes DC with Lee. “This was a chance to start, not at the beginning, but at a point where our characters are younger and the stories are being told for today’s audience.”

Will we see Thomas Wayne remain as Batman?  Will Wonder Woman still wear pants, or get back to her tried and true?  And what will be the fate of Jimmy Olsen?

Yes.  What about Jimmy Olsen?


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  1. Scott Hunter on

    I will believe that this will bring lasting change when I see it; otherwise, as far as I’m concerned everything will be back to normal in six months.

  2. at least it will work as a good jumping on point for people who were intimidated by continuity. I’d been avoiding marvel and DC until a few months back for that exact same reason.

    • This is the reason why you purchase back issues. To get caught up on what you have missed. This is possibly why the comic industry as a whole will go under. We the collectors no longer care about past story lines for fear of being an “outsider”. While the long time reader is left with a box full of useless story lines and meaningless collecting due to numerous ret-cons or relaunching a universe so that newer readers who no longer care about the collecting and seeking out old issues to fill in their gaps. I guess soaps would still be on TV if they restarted every 10 years so that the newer generations could be on the in.

  3. It’s a good jumping on point for new readers, and I can understand DC wanting to be accessible to everyone. I also like the comics going digital the day they are released, that’s a smart move by DC.

    But I’m a little disappointed that the stories, I’ve been reading will be ending. Especially the awesome Batman universe right now.

    I hate the move, and like it at the same time. This may be the start of me no longer reading superhero comics.

    • You know those few great series that are currently running right now that a lot of people are upset about them ending, lets just hope there’s a little resolution to the storylines, it could be worse. Nothing major could have changed other than lets say, Dan Didio, taking over writing duties on The Outsiders and the whole book goes to hell. At least something’s coming out of this besides complete and total changes in the way characters behave that you’ve been reading for months. Now, I’m not looking forward to this, only pointing out that all too often those good storylines either change depending on new talent or despite being brilliant (Agents of Atlas) get cancelled, or (The Twelve) just get forgotten. Shit happens. Now we have to deal with some extended periods of shit and just really hope that we get a couple really good stories out of the mix.

  4. Remember when DC made a big stink about how Flashpoint #5 would be the only comic they released on August 31st because it was such a Big Deal? Yeah. Way to step on your own tail, DC. I love supporting a company that lies to its readers.

  5. TheNewNum.2 on

    The number on the front cover won’t matter much, but I’m curious as to what the ‘younger’ superheroes direction will look like. Is Tim (Drake) Wayne going by Thomas now, or is was that a reference to someone else?

  6. DC’s reliance on EVENTS to sell books will probably come back to haunt them. You’ve trained a pretty good portion of the audience to buy books simply because “they matter”, rather than because they’re good stories. The Big 2 have made continuity a way to milk as many $’s as possible from the hardcore fan base (IF YOU DON’T BUY BLACKEST NIGHT/FLASHPOINT/CIVIL WAR/ECT, YOU WON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON IN THE DCU/MARVEL U!!!), and those fans aren’t going to react well when they feel all the event books they bought since Infinity Crisis are now “worthless” because they’re no longer in continuity.

  7. Awesome. I want them all to be hot, smart assed undisciplined teenagers so I can really “relate” to them. I want them all to have relationships with each other and I will buy lots of comics.

    There, DC. Is that what you want to hear?

  8. Hey DC, if you want to make me happy with this event here is a short and incomplete list of people you can bring back:

    Ralph & Sue Dibny
    Ryan Choi
    Ted Kord
    Rocket Red #7

    • Agreed. Up to Rocket Red #7 that is, I don’t really know who that is, nor who the 6 Rocket before were, but I’m fine with it. lol

  9. justanothergeek on

    I refuse to react to this announcement, I’ll wait and I’ll see the comics when they come, until then I shall ignore whatever DC has to say.

  10. So basically:

    1) Alll marriages are null and void making the males irresponsible gigolos and the women look for mister right again.

    2) Most heroes will now be 20 to 30 years old.

    3) All good stories from years past will be retold again in the span of 1 or 2 years.

    4) Clark Kent will be a whinnie.

    5) Batman will lose his ability to smile.

    6) Dick Grayson, Donna Troy, Roy Harper and Wally West go back to being tweens.

    Did I miss anything?

  11. Well, here’s how I look at: if this is going to suck, then I’ll have to be massively disappointed. Since I can choose whether or not to be disappointed now (whereas in the future it’ll be up to the quality of the books to dictate my reaction), I’ll choose to speculate positively for the time being.

    IF (big if) DC has some solid plans for where they plan to take their stories with this new continuity, color me excited. I can imagine some really cool things coming out of this. This could be a good opportunity to tighten up continuity and take advantage of that 20/20 hindsight.

    Unlike the Ultimates universe, a rebooted universe does not have to compete with the “standard” universe at the same time, which means that not all characters will need to get radical and grow mohawks. For example, Superman’s origin could stay relatively similar to its current state only with updated timelines and more interplay with other elements of the DCU instead of making Superman Samuel L. Jackson and not having Krypton be destroyed simply to differentiate him from non-ultimate version.

    We all know that these changes will eventually be reversed/rewritten at some point, and that’s ok. The great thing about comics is that it is a medium that can continually reinvent its stories while still telling the same stories and remain relevant all the while. My only hope is that this rebooted universe is given time to flourish for a while before being redacted, otherwise it will feel like a colossal waste of time.

    Don’t let me down, DC!

    • Maybe they’ll completely change Superman’s backstory and name and everything and discard everything that came from Siegel and Schuster and tell them to suck on that. lol

  12. SpiderLover on

    I know some DC fans will be upset, but hey now I can read some DC titles without being lost. Here is to an increase to my pull list. 2.99 still too boot.

  13. J_Michael_T on

    Really trying not to be cynical and to give this a chance … but I’m old enough to remember “New Coke” …

  14. I wonder how many reboots this is in the DC universe? Is it really a good idea to constantly reboot your universe every couple of years? One of the reasons some of my friends who are fans of the characters don’t bother with DC books is the perception that these books won’t matter in a couple of years or will be directly contradicted by the new writer ‘flavour of the month’. I think Marvel also suffers from this – **cough** Bendis, but at least it doesn’t extend to always rebooting the universe.
    It feels like the DC universe is constantly and confusingly rebooting so that eventually they’ll find that one permutation that’s perfect, has the right rules and all the characters are in synch… until the new EiC comes along and decides that it’s not EXACTLY how he/she imagines it and then we’re back on the merry-go-round.

  15. Relaunching the entire line of superheroes? I don’t understand why this modern, some might say “ultimate”, relaunch of the DC Universe can’t take place on one of the other Earths in the Multiverse …unless they’ve undone the Multiverse…again? Hell I’ve got no clue. Pick five series they can do really well in this paradigm and set them on another Earth! But I guess five #1 issues will sell worse than fifty-two #1 issues. If 52 all-new #1 issues doesn’t scream “MEGA EVENT” I don’t know what does.

      • Right … I guess I just don’t see the point in replacing it. I mean … if your comic book universe has a mechanism wherein multiple versions of continuity can take place without affecting each other why not take advantage of that?

        • Because then you get the crap that came with the Ultimate Universe Marvel tried to launch. People will decide because it is an alternate Earth the story doesn’t count and just skip it. Or you’ll have people trying to pull it into the continuity of the main universe anyway so why not just skip all the headaches and make it count from day one?

  16. I’m confused. If the entire universe is being relaunched, why start with JUSTICE LEAGUE #1? Shouldn’t the individual heroes appear first in the new universe, before they meet and team up? Are characaters who were later spinoffs of long-term series (Batgirl, Aqualad, even Robin, and the villains) going to appear from the beginning? Maybe the series’ new continuities will be summarized in the first issues so that they will have some backstory in place?

  17. I could give a shit less about the numbering, but if Grant Morrison’s bat work gets shovelled over, DC hass lost their collective minds.

  18. Justin Gerlach on

    52? One for each earth, all the variant covers that come along with that. Instead of slapping a number 1 on a issue, how about just writing a better story, and keeping continuity for the time being. Oh I miss the days of Valiant Comics.

  19. I enjoy Jim Lee art so will buy that issue but ‘events’ bore me now as they muck up my favourite titles/characters. DC is a business and will always try to get new younger readers who prefer younger characters so will keep doing this every few years. They don’t care about adult fans as they will keep buying the comics anyway.

    • Lets just consider these next few years (maybe) to be one giant Elseworlds experiment. It’ll make it all go down more smoothly.

  20. On the bright side, at least I can look forward to a Justice League with characters I actually know (sorry, Congorilla).

    On the downside, I have a feeling I’m going to regret getting that Red Robin subscription . . .

  21. Jeremie Dunlap on

    If they use this to tell some good stories, then I will not be upset. The track record points to a different outcome, of same old same old, but I can hope…

  22. Really people have to take a stand, and stop buying into this mess. Put you foot down, hurt DC where it hurts, by not buying into their crap. You are feeding into this machine, this never ending oroboros of relaunching. It won’t end unless you stop buying. I for one will stand up, and have the courage to say no to DC. No to their endless cycle, in the faint attempts to kill this beast.

    Also, a comic with the art of Jim Lee? A illustrator, that can’t even produce 24 full comics in a decade? That is praised? If he want’s to do European albums, that’s fine, but monthly comics work is a joke coming from him. Buy his work, and when he never finishes what he starts, you will be the one to blame.

  23. Hmmm. I don’t think they’re actually rebooting it. I think they’re just going to do an across the board retcon, letting them erect some kind of “official origin story” for the major elements of the DC universe. Then, they’ll do a time jump to the present, maybe a year from now, maybe in six months. Everything will be the same except that Wally West never existed (So that Johns can solidify Barry’s status as “one true Flash”) and Donna Troy will have a new origin.

    • … leaving readers with the same questions that come with every reboot since CoIE: which stories actually happened, and how did they happen differently given the retcons?

  24. FEH! FEH! FEH! FEH!!!!!!!

    I was just starting to like the Dick Grayson led JLA. And I don’t even want to talk about the JSA being messed with. There are two phrases that should rarely go together: “contemporary” and “origin story”.

    I’m hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

  25. Why the hell does DC keep screwing up my characters? They did it first with the original Crisis which ended up driving me away from comic books all together until a few years ago when I found out that all the versions of the characters I loved (starting with MY Legion of Super-Heroes) were back and I started reading comics again for the 1st time in 20 years (and buying just about 80% of DC’s super hero output). Now they’re getting rid of them all again? Maybe it’s time to drop all of DC and start reading Marvel again after 25 years.

  26. I haven’t read DC ever since they decided multiple Batmans was okay. I am curious about how this relaunch is supposed to work. I play tabletop games, so I really just view this the same as an edition change. Some things will be altered in ways I don’t like, but if done right everything will be kept from going stagnant. A lot of the crappy stories are a result of people trying to work within the current continuity, and hopefully this will give us some good stories because writers won’t have to worry about that any more.

    Starting with the JLA is a weird choice, but it makes me believe they are going to skip origin stories for all the heroes and just jump into them as established characters filling in backstory when necessary.

  27. mark harris on

    I like the idea. I’m a little sad that it seems all the stories from the past couple years are going to “not count” anymore, but they were good stories and I enjoyed them, and that counts for something as far as I’m concerned. Now DC can make more good stories (hopefully) with the hipper, younger versions of the Superheroes.

    Does this count as a new comics “age”? lol

  28. If they were really ballsy they would turn the clock so far back that we’d see the DCU before there were superheroes and we’d actually see them restart the whole thing. Now that I’d be interested in.

    • I concur. I’d like to see that, as well. In fact, that’s what I was hoping would happen when the reboot was still just a rumor.

      That they’re starting it with JLA sort of dashes those dreams, but who knows? Maybe the JLA book will take “now,” while the other books will be set in the near-past, explaining how the JLA was formed. We shall see, I suppose.

    • Now that, I could get into. Slam Bradley, a Golden Age Supes, and Wonderwoman, Batman a rumor/myth. I’d pick that up.

      With one character, knowing what came before, all Psycho Pirate-like.

  29. I understand that DC really wants a huge ‘jumping on point’ for new readers. But to say that they’re rebooting the entire universe and then giving people a chance to react before coming out with the details….that’s just a dick move. I read a lot of other comic sites in the past hour, and this news isn’t going over well.

    DC is leaving too many questions left unanswered; like, What happens to the current generation of younger heroes like Connor, Cassie, Tim, Bart, Rose, Kara, Stephanie, hell even Damian? Do they go just go away? What about all the cool stuff that’s been happening with GL the past few years? Is that wiped out? The emotional spectrum, IMHO, was fricking genius, and I’ve been loving it. But is that now erased, as if it never happened? All the character development, does it just get just washed away?

    And modern costumes? Does anyone else see people wearing high collared shirts? I mean, people who aren’t d-bags. Also, you don’t mess with the S-Shield! It’s iconic, for a reason. It looks like that horrible S that was on electric Supes in the 90’s.

    This has horrible mistake written all over it. Creating a good jumping on point for new readers is one thing, but burning the house down to rebuild is another. So now we have to add pre- and post-Flashpoint to our vocabulary.

  30. brainypirate on

    Does the image in the preview reflect the updated costumes? Because it looks like Supes has finally lost those stupid red trunks and gained a real collar for his cape! I like!

    • brainypirate on

      Ah, yes, I see now that it was. I think I even see a glimpse of a Hawk helmet! I like the new Superman costume–it needed to be updated a long time ago. It looks like GL is clearly Hal, but that can’t be Barry in the Flash uni, can it?

      • Unless the coloring is wrong, or the eye colors have changed… That’s Barry due to the blue eye coloring… Wally has green, and Bart had yellow at one point… Not sure if that changed or not, but I’m 100% sure that wouldn’t be Bart either way since that did not go over well at all…

        • brainypirate on

          I thought one of the announcements said they were going back to the origin of the JLA, so maybe this is supposed to be a younger team–although that would make Cyborg’s membership problematic….

  31. Hopefully this works out as the Post-Crisis reboot was meant to happen. That way we get a nice, fresh, clean start with all the continuity problems (Hawkman, WW, Donna Troy, etc.)

  32. Thank god. Hopefully this will reset/scrap all the nonsense that morrison has inflicted on us lately. Somebody gave that guy too many mind-altering substances, a couple of outdated physics texts, and too much leeway. Every time he misused the concept of entropy and/or heat death I thought of slashing his tires and tattooing “idiot” on his forehead. Give me a bruce who isn’t a weak shmuck and make damien disappear forever.

  33. This is purely reactionary. DC has been losing it’s market share to Marvel for quite some time. Couple that with the pressure that the #3 and #4 publishers have been putting on them by *GASP* developing solid original properties. And I know I’m no the only one to put this idea forth, but I’m sure some of this had to have come from Warner Bros.

  34. LemmyCaution on

    All this means to me is that Flashpoint is something I can skip entirely. It’s just seems like a filler story until the New Universe starts.

    Once that happens, I will try to judge the new #1 stuff fairly and give it a chance. But it’s ambitious to say the least and it may seem too Heroes Reborn without some clear reasoning within the DC comic universe as to why this happening. Maybe that will be revealed in Flashpoint, but, as I said, I won’t be there!

    DC will be fine no matter what.

  35. GrandHarrier on

    So, basically, most of the stuff they JUST released is pointless? Generation Lost was 24 issues leading to the relaunch of the JLI… just to have it not fucking matter? I think I am done. I tried to stick with you, DC, but this is just too much. Dropping my entire pull list.

  36. What a shame. It was nice to see characters actually being allowed to grow and age. Inevitably someone with a deep love of the back story and continuity will emerge with ‘fresh’ ideas about how to restore it all and we’ll be thrust back into the continuity of what we’re presently reading.

    It does make you feel for up and coming creators who just got their hands on franchises and were all set to make their mark with interesting interpretations. Hopefully they won’t just have to rehash past ideas again for a ‘new’ audience. Part of why I got into comics in the first place was the delight in being thrown into the middle of something rich and complex and having to work my way backwards as well as forwards to really ‘get it’. Ah well, like all good things time will test it.

  37. So this may be a good jumping on point for new, younger readers. But it’s a good jumping off point old ones, too. I don’t want to read younger versions of my favorites, because I already have. DC didn’t learn from Marvel: Just create a seperate Ultimate DC Universe for the kids, you don’t need a reboot every year. But I do learn and give my money to other companies in the future.

  38. *putting in the two cents*

    After reading the news and everyone’s comments on the coming event, and still stewing (even though we all know they’re just books), I’m also considering discontinuing any DC titles for the unforeseeable future. There’s tons of petty, miniscule reasons to feel this way, but the only one (voiced well by others in this matter), that really counted is that I’ve lost complete patience and faith in reading a story through its entirety, only to be interrupted, and left to wonder. I’m sure a lot of readers feel this way, and we’ve had our share of upsets. I did not grow up vested in the DC universe as a whole, but years of reading many different titles has had an endearing effect on me, from its frontline characters to that background person with a poignant mesage to send. Finding out, and on a very broad scale, that this is happening all over again isn’t just upsetting, its disappointing that someone and/or a group of someones, has no respect for its readership. As an angry, prolific, verbose spoken word artist might paraphrase,
    “Why stay for the beating?”

    • Did you boycott Nolan’s Batman for the same reason? I mean he completely undid the entire previous Batman universe that had been established in the first four movies.

      And how dare the 90’s Spider-Man cartoon completely ignore the continuity of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends.

      There is nothing wrong with a reboot if it is done correctly and for the right reasons. Stop complaining because your old stories no longer matter to the new ones. If they were good there is nothing stopping you from enjoying them and remembering them fondly.

      • Did you boycott Nolan’s Batman for the same reason?>>

        Not really. My expectations with the storytelling in movies are more encapsulated in that 80-140 minute range of watching that story begin from the first chapter to the last chapter, and any satisfaction from said duration. If I’m reading about, say, Teen Titan character something-girl, and I wanted to find out where things go and/or continue/end, will I have to look over my shoulder every seven months, just in case some decision is made to “shake things up”? I know the Doctor Who series has its many chages, but a primary concept with its story is change, and that helps its story. A reboot is good when a reboot is done well. God bless Jim Lee(as many will and anyone else may argue), but someone here mentioned Heroes Reborn which strikes a fair point. Like I said before, they are just books. I’m just sticking to the guns with the very likely predictable beating that I’m not hanging around for (no multiple subtle puns intended). Made a few nice points, by the way.

  39. brenton8090 on

    We, as comic fans, can easily see through this tactic.

    HOWEVER: If they advertise the SHIT out of it to NON-COMIC readers, mainstream audiences, (hell, put an ad in front of green lantern!) they could get a ton of new readers.

    But first, they have to reach those markets, markets where no one has ever heard of Starman or Booster Gold or Blue Beetle. So, good luck DC! I hope it does gangbusters and ushers in a new age for comics: The Golden Age, The Silver Age, the Modern Age, The Post-Modern Age (now), and soon: The Neo-Comic Age!

    But it probably won’t. Humbug.

  40. Michael Mojica-Brito on

    This is just awful to read, so much to speculate in short time: the good the bad and the ugly. Ongoing titles and projects we were looking forward to i.e. J.L.I, Red Lanterns ongoing, the whole GL universe in that matter. Not the grand announcement I was waiting to hear. Just when I was about to go digital in July I guess I can finally start that savings plan :) Oh well let’s wait and see the outcome…

  41. I can kind of see that there were some major plaotlines (ex: rainbow lanterns, Superman ennui, Brightest Day) that DC would like to back-pedal out of.
    However, there are some characters whose growth I have enjoyed for many years (ex: Dick Grayson). Resetting someone like Dick to being back in pixie-shorts would anger me and more than a few other people.

    I say give it a try, DC. Let me see how you do it.
    However, I want a number of people’s jobs contingent on this success.

    If this idea tanks and they perform a “Hyper-Ultimate Crisis” two years from now, I want resignations from Lee, DiDio, Johns and anyone else who proposed this.

    • Mr. Catt I fully agree. I have been convinced to give this thing a shot, but if this fails I would like to see Didio, Lee, and Johns out on their rears when the dust settles.

  42. Fine with me. The whole DCU needs to be BONGed one more time just to see if they can get the audience that they so crave.

  43. brainypirate on

    I thought one of the articles said that the major recent events–Blackest Night, for instance–aren’t being affected by this. DC has obviously been planning this for a couple of years, and they’ve arranged the schedule for all their books to end their storylines in August, so it’s reasonable to assume that they knew about this before the introduced the new JLI, Swamp Thing, Constantine, etc.

  44. Just another stunt.

    Running out of ideas.

    “Let’s wad all of our previous stunts together!” “Another issue #1! For everybody!” “Keep using the number 52 ad nauseum!” “Tell people that we’re making history! Again!” “Wave the name Jim Lee in people’s faces like he’s anywhere near as good as he used to be!”

    …and Jim Lee yells from the back “give everyone collars!”

    Here’s hoping…

  45. Vampirehunterg on

    After reading all this flashpoint stuff all day I believe I know why DC is pushing this major change. The official reason is to attract new readers. Yeah right! Hey DC you want new readers, lower the price and advertise commercials like marvel did back in the day. That sh!t made me charge to a comicbook shop looking for Transformers, Secret Wars and GI JOE! The actual reason Drumroll please……………GREEDY EXECUTIVES SCREEEEWED THE POOCH AND HAVE TO REVAMP SUPERMAN! In case u didn’t know Warner brothers and DC a couple of years ago LOST HALF the rights of Superman to the Siegel and Shuster estate. Rather than pay the estates off and be done with it they fought and lost a portion of SUPERMAN. They lost Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Superboy, Perry White, Krypton, THE KENTS! Superman of 1938 era it was ruled belonged to the creators descendants. Modern Superman including his villians belong to Warners. SO Supermans original look does not belong to Warner brothers. Thus Warner brothers had to come up with a way to justify why Superman will not look like SUPERMAN. He may not even have a secret identity. So now we get a all new younger Superman, Wonderwoman, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Batman.

    This could mean that there will be a classic Superman (our hero) AND modern Superman (post flashpoint). Imagine a Shuster and Siegel comics Superman and DC Superman on the newstand at the sametime. Who will you pick? I want classic. This is serious FANBOYS. DC is testing the waters to see if we drink the crap or refuse. If we refuse, they pay what they should to Shuster and Siegel estates and we get the REAL DC HERO. If we take it, goodbye TRUTH, JUSTICE AND THE AMERICAN WAY……THE REAL SUPERMAN! WHAT DO YOU STAND FOR?!!!!

    Anyone remember HEROES REBORN? This will seem like Shakespeare in comparison. It took years for that stench to go away. I guess since Didio is a former soap opera executive he thinks comics have to have a constant summertime event. Get this guy outta here!!!!! Just like Marvel let go of Ron Pearlman (a hair executive) who bankrupted Marvel, DC needs Didio to go! LONG LIVE THE REAL DC UNIVERSE!

  46. Maybe, this is a signal, that they try to connect the possible coming of the Metropolis and Wonderwoman TV show and the next Batman movie with the DC-Universe. All young superheroes of the big and small screen streamlined with their digital/comic book versions. Thats the meaning of “finding younger readers”. If you see the actual Batman movies today and then move over to your local comic book store for the first time, you will not find the same Batman but instead 2 Batmen and an Inc., a boy called Robin etc. Where is the fantastic Joker from the film? Thats the problem, they won’t find the Movie Batman or the Smallville Tom Welling Superboy (or they will find especially him, but in a different context, hrhr). So DC/Warner is changing this. They streamline their whole franchise. (Please excuse my english, no offense ment to your wonderful language, didn’t learn it better in school and that’s centuries away.)

  47. As a longtime follower of Flash comics,this doesn’t suprise me,for the last five or more years we’ve had Flash “rebooted” again and again.I won’t be following Flashpoint as it now seems pointless,I mean really the Reverse Flash reboots history?Thats where this is going?
    Justice League reboot has been expected for quite some time,Never liked Grayson as Batman,he was always more interesting as Nightwing and the rest of the team is like a girls club version of our favorites like GL and Supes,and don’t get me started on DC and their Gorilla fetish.The new series needed to be done I just don’t know about the complete reboot.
    I am really disappointed that I’ve bought hundreds of Green Lantern,Blackest Night,Brightest Day,etc. just to have it all renumbered?What happened to the days of true ongoing series?My biggest fear is that they will pull a Marvel and renumber when Action and Detective hit 1000,they do I’ll have the same reaction as I did with Marvel,I’ll drop everything just like that.
    I truly don’t know what to think about the whole thing yet,I have some hope for it but at the same time this could be the end of 30 years of collecting.

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