I don’t know if it was because he got so much crap earlier today or not, but Warner Bros. has announced it is moving ahead with a Hawkman movie. Right now, the studio is looking for writers for the piece, but it has released a logline for the film:

Part INDIANA JONES/DA VINCI CODE, part GHOST tentpole about the fictional superhero that appears in D.C. Comic books. He used archaic weaponry and large, artificial wings attached to a harness made of the Nth metal that allows flight. Most incarnations of Hawkman work closely with a partner/romantic interest named Hawkgirl or Hawkwoman in his fight against supervillains. Based on the DC comic.

Aaaaannnndddd pretty much, that is it.  Nothing else other than that. Nada. Zilch. Zippo.


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  1. Hawkman is radioactive. By that I don’t mean hot, and exciting, I mean dangerous, and hard to contain, and no creator has been able to turn that into something useful.

    Will he be a reincarnation? A space cop? Convoluted is the only thing that comes to mind. I think this will be in development hell along with Green Arrow/Supermax. That’s fine by me.

  2. If they just stick to one incarnation and stick with it, I think it could work. The best choice would be Carter & Shiera Hall as Conan the Barbarian/Red Sonja meets Indiana Jones/Marion Ravenwood with wings.

    • I agree, completely. In fact I think it would work best as a period piece set in the 30’s-40’s time frame. I think many heroes work in the age that originated the rather than shoe-horning them into a more “Modern” or “Realistic” approach. I think by and large that Hollywood needs to make things explicable and realistic in a way that kinda kills the escapist fun of characters and concepts many times.

  3. brenton8090 on

    Maybe if they follow the Cosmic stuff GL is setting up… Rann/Thangar, etc… although the whole “Egypt” thing could be played very “Stargate”, and that might work…

  4. Ravishing Richie on

    I’ll believe it once they show costume pictures and are few months into production. This has big potential, but the different approaches like Larry King mentioned are troublesome. I hope they stick with the Geoff Johns take of the character, which is a combination of the space cop and reincarnated Khufu. His run of Hawkman really gave a good sense of character, that he was a cultured man and remembered each lifetime. I also liked when he temporarily taught history at Ivy Town college and told a student that the history books lied and he was there during a particular war. The idea of him collecting the tombstone lettering of his past lives in tomes was a cool touch. Hawkman being a museum curator collecting his old weapons from his previous lifetimes is awesome.

    Or they could approach it from the Hawkworld perspective where he is a space cop and is trying to keep Thangar under control as a wingman. Tons of different angles and I hope they don’t corny it up if they go the archeologist/Indiana Jones route. Hawkman is pretty much DC’s version of Wolverine, but with wings.

  5. I could repost my idea of either a buddy cop movie with Adam Strange or pitch it in the same vein as Enemy Mine. Two enemies stranded on a barren planet that have to work together. Budget wouldn’t have to exceed 5-10 million.

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