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This is the story of two worlds.  Earth and Oz.

Dorothy Gale was born on Earth, but her home is Oz.

With the brilliant Scarecrow, faithful Nick the Tin Woodman and the fearless Lion she has protected each world from the other for over a century.

Rebecca Eastwitch is Dorothy’s oldest enemy.  Rebecca has a plan that will send the companions to Hell and back.  She will strike at the heart of Oz and test the faith of Dorothy’s oldest friends.

After over a decade, writer Steve Ahlquist returns to his Oz Squad mythos in his new novel, Oz Squad: March of The Tin Soldiers, a follow-up to his comic book series that set the stage for Fairy Tale Noir.

An updating of L. Frank Baum’s Land of Oz series, Oz Squad focused on the adventures of Gale Force, a tactical organization designed to protect Oz from all manner of bizarre threats, reuniting Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman and the Cowardly Lion as members. The complex and clever series was the first modern reimagining of the Oz mythos and it updated Baum’s work for an adult audience.

In addition, Ahlquist has also co-created the anthology Strange Eggs and wrote a story for Disney’s Haunted Mansion both published by Slave Labor Graphics, was nominated for four Harvey Awards with collaborator Chris Reilly for the comic PupHedz and has written for Paranoia: The Conspiracy Reader. He also writes a regular column, Applied Mythographics for the webzine, Forces of Geek.

The novel is currently available through Smashwords and will be available as a print on demand book via Lulu. Two volumes of the complete, annotated comic book series are available as well.


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