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  1. This seems, based on the preview, to be less “Torchwood” and more a mashup of “The 4400” and “24”.

  2. Michael Avila on

    I agree with Roy. It feels like it lost it’s very British Dr. Who roots and going for a x-files theme. It looks like Law and Order:Supernatural unit, and not the long entrenched Torchwood organization. I was so hoping for more, but looks like they just handed to us a name and two of the former actors.

  3. LemmyCaution on

    Yeah, I kinda gotta go with “What the hell was that?”

    I know it’s a preview, but it told people nothing about Jack. It’s almost like they’re ashamed of his roots. At some point, people are going to find out it’s a spin-off of a spin-off and that he’s got a *bit* of a back story. Why bury the lead?

    Look, the only reason I am really wanting to watch this is because of Jack. I might not be interested in a show with Jack but without Torchwood, but I am *definitely* not interested in a Torchwood show without Jack. He is why I want to watch the American version at all. Why would anyone who’s not familiar with the original want to watch this show after seeing that generic action trailer? Instead, they should have made Jack the hook by showing off the actor and the character as a means to draw an audience. So what is this show about? I have no idea and I am fully aware of the original. Good luck, average Joe!

    They should embrace the Dr. Who roots instead of relying on recycled action to cover up its specific genre heritage. What comes to mind for me is Michael Bay’s “The Island”… but I Matthew, I mean, digress.

    I know, I know. It’s just a teaser of things to come. So I will continue to hold out hope, but this did absolutely nothing for me.

    • The hook of this show should absolutely be Jack. His story, his history with Torchwood, his personal “history”, and glimpses into where in the hell he was and what he was doing after “Children”. Hopefully this preview trailer is designed more for the American audience that knows nothing about the Dr. Who mythology, and is NOT indicative of how the series will go.

      Methinks perhaps the reason this preview doesn’t focus too much on Jack, or his backstory, is because Starz is worried that some fans may be a tad uncomfortable with Jack’s sexuality.

  4. brenton8090 on

    After several great years of Torchwood and Doctor Who, Stephen Moffat has my trust. I’ll see where he goes with this.

    I would bet that the show is all about Jack, but they’re putting a spin on the marketing to draw new viewers in. LEts face it, those who already know Jack Harkness will already be watching, so they’re grabbing that more “mainstream” audience. But reading between the lines of this trailer, I’m really excited.

    Actually, now that I think of it, it reminds me of the 90’s Doctor Who movie with Paul McGann. A little. Don’t know why.

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