Sometimes it pays to live in France – especially when a new Asterix movie is about to be released.  The good news is the upcoming movie will be a 3D animated tale Astrix: Land of the Gods.  The bad news… I double we’ll see this hit the states at all.

I love the look that the site is showing off (from a scanned magazine), and I wish we could see how the characters look moving around.

Over the years, Asterix has become my all time favorite international comic series ever created.

Asterix: Land of the Gods looks like it arrives in 2014.

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  1. Pierre Durand on

    Hey ! Thanks for the pics, it’s the first time I see them !
    Actually I heard about yet another live action version that would be in the works, with yet another actor as Asterix and still Depardieu playing the Obelix part (it will be Asterix in Britain). That’s what’s getting all the attention about Asterix right now, back in France.
    But I did not hear about this one at all ! The land of the Gods is awesome ! It’s my favorite album with Obelix and co. ! Excellent news !
    I love the look on Obelix’s face on the last screenshot, it’s a very familiar expression for Obelix, and the rendering is just perfect !
    thanks very much for this piece of news !

    • hectorbustnuts on

      The Depardieu films are a riot.

      They get a screening here in Australia every now and then late at night on SBS.

      Really must look at getting them on DVD.

  2. As a life long fan of the comics, I am stoked to see how good the images here look…. and unlike the Smurfs… they do not appear to be showing up in live action New York City….. Thanks guys!

  3. I’ve been aware of Asterix for some time but I’ve only just finished reading Asterix the Gaul, and Asterix and the Golden Sickle recently. They were fantastic, and this project looks like the comic come to life. I can’t wait to get back to the library and check out 3 or 4 more volumes…They have 20+ on the shelf.

  4. That looks very interesting! It’s too bad that S.S. didn’t see this before getting so far along with the Tintin movie. Those characters look exactly like the 2D Asterix and Obelix, and that’s just the sort of 3D treatment that I was hoping Tintin would get. At one time, I had most of the Asterix books, but I didn’t keep them. They just kept retreading the same puns over and over again. In the mid-seventies, Atlantic-Little Brown brought over Asterix, Tin-Tin, Lucky Luke, Lt. Blueberry and two volumes of The Vagabond of Limbo. This was before the debut of the Indie comic movement and the late 70s early 80s renaissance of the comic book industry, so it was a delight to have something available other than DC and Marvel at the time. Sadly, they were poorly made perfect bound volumes that often fell apart after only one reading. I suspect the poor quality killed the effort – by the late seventies, ALB quit publishing these titles and even Tin-Tin vanished from the bookstore shelves. I’d go to see this movie if it gets released in the US!

  5. Also a life long fan of Asterix and a 3D character animator, I dreamed of working on a 3D animated Asterix film since I was 13 years old. I recall spending most of my library ‘research’ time in the 90’s hiding in the corner reading Asterix. Now I read them to my son.

    When How to Train your Dragon came out it was about the closest thing I had seen to the style I had envisioned in my mind, and I had heard that a film was being made in France, but these images just blow me away. I’m totally stoked that it’s being made by McGuff and LOVE how it looks!

    I worked in Annecy (France) for a few months and meet some 3D artists at the time, we all talked about Asterix and how cool it would be to do a 3D animated series but alas I never attempted to pursue it assuming the license and copyright would cost a bomb. I was young and inexperienced at getting anything like that going at the time. Sigh… I would love to work on this film, but it’s a lifetime away.

    So I hope this blows everyone out of the water and makes Asterix mainstream in the US/Australia/UK etc. Then they can make more movies and TV series and maybe, just maybe, I can live my dream and get a job working on one of them. :)

  6. I seriously hope this movie will be made into English and shown in the UK.
    Asterix is one of the best comics I have ever read and it really deserved more publicity and notice around Europe, its not that popular where I am :(
    If they started making more books, maybe make some more merchandise and made them available worldwide, Asterix would have more recognition and an even bigger fan base.
    I really can’t wait for this movie. Even if it does just translate into French, I guess I’ll have to watch it with subs. Or if no subs I’ll learn the language :3

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