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  1. This is the first pic of the actress where I think she looks good as Wonder Woman. It is not because of the costume, it’s because she is not scowling.

  2. I don’t know…I think that w/o the pants, the costume just looks too campy or something. Pants were the better choice.

  3. Some shows work, some shows don’t. Even on its best day This Wonder Woman TV show just seems doomed. I think it Matthew who said people like the idea of Wonder Woman more than the character of Wonder Woman.

    Take that with the fact that this looked like it was going to bomb like another Bonic Woman I don’t blame fans or NBC for passing on the show.

  4. Pants or no pants, the costume still looked cheap and strippery. They should have gone for darker pants – maybe in dark blue leather or the kind of material they seem to be using in the new X-Men First Class movie.

    Also too much boob on display – makes her look like a cheap stripper trying to flaunt her assets rather than a proud Amazonian princess gearing up for battle.

  5. Those bottoms have the same problem the first shown pants did: too light and too shiny. They needed a darker blue.

    The bigger problem is her physique. She’s got a nice body, but c’mon, she’s supposed to be Wonder Woman. She doesn’t need to look like a weighlifter, but she needed to have some definition (think Jessica Biel in Blade III).

    • I second that.

      Honestly, I prefer to see the stuntwoman instead of Adrianne Palicki. She doesn’t have the correct body.

  6. I dunno. Me and the girlfriend agree…she looks all torso with itty bitty legs. The actress almost looks like she was photoshopped onto somebody else wearing the shorts or something. Almost like the actress looks way out of proportion. All shoulders narrowing down to her feet. Hmm….do I sound picky? :D

    • Maybe she was drawn by Jack Kirby.

      Actually, it looks like the camera was at eye level which will give the pic a forced one point perspective. Think Alex Ross here.

      The guy looks like someone from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

  7. I don’t know, I liked the pants. The idea of multi-outfits is a good thing too, especially in the licensing world. Little gils would have gotten a kick out of this too. I heard that the show wasn’t bad. Adrianne Palicki was a good choice. I hope that if the show gets revamped by a new creative team, that she gets cast again.

  8. they should put the show out on itunes. They’ve done the work, might as well put it out there and get some investment and feedback.

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