Critical Hit: A Major Spoilers D and D podcast
Celestial Crusade

This episode: Following a rough night of sleep, the diplomatic envoy is in for another surprise.


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  1. Mathias Jost on

    I want to start a recurring donation, but sadly paypal won’t let me do that unless I add a credit card :-(

  2. 98 hours of podcasts and only one ad? Keep em coming. Please have Matthew put out his official “reference count” for the ad. I GOTTA know how many were crammed in there.

  3. Would be nice to have a picture (labeled) of all the characters, so we get a better idea of what we’re looking at.

  4. Great episode, and I can’t wait to hear more of them (I particularly can’t wait to find out what significance these dreams have). It was before this episode came out, but I started a monthly donation. There are other D&D podcasts out there that aren’t half as funny or interesting as Critical Hit. I sincerely think CH is right up there with the Penny Arcade D&D podcasts.

  5. Love the podcast. However, the ad in the middle of everything was annoying, funny but very annoying. I think I liked evil Smith more than the original Smith.

  6. Shouri Elemente on

    So what’s next, Evil Dream Orrem’s college Professor? or maybe the professor from Shalai that he met?

  7. I love Critical Hit, I really do. I enjoy everything about it. Aside from this ad that was placed right in the middle of the episode.

    If you want to promote the subscription thing, I would say keep it towards the beginning of the show. Make it the first thing we hear, don’t interrupt the Podcast and stop it dead with a 5-6 minuet long PSA. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point. Let us know that you are looking for donations, that you can donate here, what you can donate, and what you promise to do with those donations.

    Also, adding in a possible premium version of Critical Hit that is ad free would possibly get a decent buyin.

  8. XantharTheFlame on

    Just want to echo the general consensus: Love the podcast, really don’t mind the advertising, but really did NOT like having it interrupt the episode. Please just keep them at the beginning or the end. This ad was actually quite humorous and I did enjoy listening to it, but I wished it hadn’t just started out of nowhere.


  9. XantharTheFlame on

    I just heard the point where they discuss the type of voice this NPC has (the handsome man). I totally cracked up at Rodrigo’s voicing of the Neverwinter Nights brash male (I think)!! Woot!

  10. Just finished this episode. It was good. I take it the Duergar and prisoner are Albrect and 7OW, respectively. The photos made no sense until I came to this conclusion. What are the corner markers denoting? Also, where are they from, I may want some of my own.

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