The fourth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean has arrived in theaters, and some are already calling this the best Pirates movie Disney has released.  Did you see it?  Are you skipping it? Or are you rushing out to see Penelope Cruz in all her piratey glory… yar…

Time for you to use the comment section to share your thoughts on the movie.  What worked, what didn’t work, as well as your recommendations for others to see it or avoid it completely.




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  1. I encourage everyone to read the book (by Tim Powers), which is outstanding and has nothing to do with this stupid movie franchise.

  2. I fell in love with Syrena( Mermaid )character…They should have done a Movie about Philip and Syrena Alone without Pirates. But still, the movie was entertaining.

  3. I thought it was a decent movie,not A material but still good.A bit easy to predict and a bit longer then it should be,but to repeat myself still good.

  4. J Michael T on

    Liked it. Did not love it. Too long and I found myself losing my place in the movie because I got distracted and stopped paying attention. But the worst part was the 3-D. Thor and this movie have killed it for me. I am never watching the 3-D version of a movie again. It just kills the action scenes — so dark I could hardly tell what was happening. $12 per ticket is too much for something I didn’t really enjoy. Had high hopes going in… Oh well…

  5. I loved this movie. I am going to Highlander 2 Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3 and just acknowledge Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 4. Two and three never happened. The Illithlid sea captain thing never happened.

    Pirates of the Caribbean 4 was a thrill ride in the same vein as the first one.

    The Syrena and Phillip thing was a nice replacement for Will and Elizabeth. Thought Phillip’s characterization was a little cardboard. I felt they left out some scenes with Syrene and him, and relied on his faith to be his character a little too much. It was like the writer yada yada yada’d some good character development. Jack was fun and exciting again and not creepy like he was in some other Pirates of the Caribbean movies that people claim existed, which never happened.

    Hey they at least made it to 4 without a reboot.

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