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  1. good role for a Hispanic actor and they give it to a pasty English guy. I just dont get hollywood sometimes. not that it will affect me going to see the movie or my enjoyment of it, just vaguely disappointing.

    • Well Since Batman is being played by a welshman and the Joker was australian I think we should give Nolan the benefit of the doubt. I’ve never gotten the point of choosing actors simply because of their nationality or ethnicity, you pick the guy who best plays the role. And the main point of Bane is hardly his ethnicity…

    • You know, you’re right. I worked in casting spanish peaking commercials and films and so often saw roles that were legitimately written for latinos go to white actors. Even Broadway plays as recent as this year.

      In fact…are there ANY people of color in the Nolan films? I can’t remember one.

      • Michael Jai White? (the only sane mafia who refused to listen Joker?)

        The guy who played as Commisioner Loeb? (in the comic he was a corrupt white man, in Nolan version, he was a not-bad colored cop).

  2. Gut reaction (interwebs don’t hate me), I kind of prefer… the Batman & Robin look. I’m sorry, but Nolan’s “Realism” is really starting to grate me to no end.

  3. Not sure what to make of it.

    As for the casting, I’m put off as well. Just like I’m put off by Downey Jr as Holmes and Depp as Tonto. Next they’ll be getting Brad Pitt to play T’Challa.

    But one saving grace has to be the realism. At least it doesn’t look “four colour.”

  4. So, it’s Hardy’s kinda pimply back.

    Jeez, Nolan. Heath Ledger as the Joker was an iconic image. This looks like an embarassing drunk Halloween picture.

    We’re a year away. I don’t think we need to try to make EVERYTHING a viral image.

    • I remember a lukewarm reaction to Ledger at first, and that turned out pretty spectacular. It’s going to be near-impossible to top it. I’m just hoping for a good movie.

      I’m with you on the viral marketing stuff though… It starts so frikkin’ early.

      • I also think he’s saying (and it’s how I feel), that this image just isn’t very cool. It looks like a rather thin looking man puffing himself up to appear bigger while wearing a ball gag or something over his face. I’d like to see a different picture later, maybe they’ll get a lot better as they put stuff out. It can’t be as bad as all the solicitations for X-Men: First Class.

  5. Just thinking out loud, I wonder if they could be combining Bane with the KGBeast, making Bane a Russian hit guy for the mob or something?

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