In the months and weeks leading up to Brink’s release, I had enveloped myself in the developer diaries and gameplay videos that had been released by the game developer, Splash Damage. I was intrigued by its originality; Brink ambitiously blended parkour-style movement, classed-based gameplay (ala Team Fortress 2), a blended campaign/multi-player experience, and a very stylized look. It was shaping up to be something new and wholly different from the standardized online experience of console shooters like Call of Duty or Halo, and it was a change I was ready for. Different doesn’t always mean better though, and trying out new gameplay approaches can be a gamble. In the case of Brink, there are a lot of hit and miss aspects (in terms of technical, design, gameplay, and overall approach aspects) that keep it from being an enjoyable game.


Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Developer: Splash Damage
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks


Brink takes place on the “Ark,” a large floating city that was originally constructed to be a utopia/resort, but has since became mankind’s last home after melting ice caps flooded the earth. You can play either as the Resistance – a group of old world refuges who are tired of being treated as second-class citizens or as the Security – a militarized police force who aim to maintain peace by any means necessary. Playing as either side, you can work to either escape the Ark in search of outside help or keep the peace by crushing the resistance.

In an effort to “unify” the Brink experience, Splash Damage boasted how they combined the campaign and the multi-player. In reality though, they just took the multi-player maps, replaced live players with bots, and added cutscenes between each mission to give the feeling of a cohesive story. Due to this setup, there are no memorable characters to speak of, and the whole story seems very impersonal and stripped of emotion.

The Bad

From a technical standpoint, Brink has a number graphical, AI, and online issues that keep it from being a decent game. Slow texture fade-in is too common, and sometimes they never come in at all. The bot AI, while not terrible, is bad enough to makes the single player campaign a lesson in frustration. Friendly AI will often ignore main objectives, run into walls, and forget to fire at enemy bots, while enemy AI will continually poor into a single corridor to be slaughtered like cattle. Finally, there is the online multi-player, which is almost unplayable due to lag (I played it on the Xbox, but heard this was less of an issue on PC) and lacks basic features like a party system.

In terms of design, the Ark has a lot of contrasting detail and overall look depending on whose ground you are fighting on, and in that regard, it looks good. The maps are poorly designed though, and they feature a number of cramp corridors and choke points that make fighting or completing an objective dreadful.

Using a light character does give you access to parts of the map that other can't reach though, giving the opportunity to flank.

Finally, there is the problem with the leveling system. In Brink, each level up provides players with points that can be spent on new abilities, and while some abilities are universal, most are class specific (medic, engineer, soldier, and rouge). Over time, players will decide on which class best suits them and start dumping all their eggs into that one basket. This would be fine, except different classes are needed for different objectives in each match, which makes the player’s one golden class somewhat useless most of the time.

The Good

Brink managed to get the essentials of gameplay down, the shooting feels solid and parkour-ing around the map to escape danger or reach an objective can be very satisfying. The character customization is also a well-realized aspect, from both a gameplay and an atheistic aspect.

Want to be a gatling gun-weilding heavy medic? Brink can do that.


In terms of a full priced game, Brink is a disappointment that comes up short on story and has a number of issues that need to be addressed before it will be able to amass an online following. With that said, the game has potential, and if Splash Damage manages to roll out the needed updates and fixes, Brink could at the very least make for a fun on-line FPS.

Rating: ★★★☆☆


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  1. Brink takes place on the “Art,”


    also this game sucked hardcore. unfinished and buggy, makes me wonder why they pushed the release forward. oh thats right, because it would be going up against LA Noire, a good game.

  2. I agree with this review wholeheartedly.

    Wiith at least 2 delays on this game pushing it back at least a year. I was expecting a more polished game. It could have stood a Beta.

    Great concepts. I would really like to see a sequel. The “single player campaign” I think could be explained as COD Black Ops Combat training with a little intro sequence setting up… for why you are playing this map. This isn’t a real campaign. I wish they had let this game simmer till August with a Beta, and would have fixed the lag and made a better online system…. Chat, party, user interface in the lobibies, etc. COD series has online lobbies/parties locked down. Why other developers can’t just copy their style is beyound me. Brink is just confusing and forget about in game chat unless you switch from standard play to advanced, where it is toggled on.

    I like Brink… a lot but I’m disappointed in knowing what could have been. Lag, AI gltiches, choke points all annoying to the point where it causes me to quit playing, especially lag. I’m glad I got this game for $35 from Amazon (with discount/credits). With some patching and price drops, I’d recommend this to FPS fans, who grow bored of the slow L.A. Noire, which is a fine game… but very slow compared to most of my experiences on xbox 360.

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