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  1. This is a hard one. As far as natural abilities go, Thor and Aquaman seem to be fairly matched in strength and endurance.
    As much as I want to vote Aquaman, I think that the Uru Hammer gives Thor the edge in terms of mobility.
    In such an evenly-matched battle, a small advantage will make all the difference. Go Thor.

  2. Went for Aquaman. Seems like Thor would win easy, BUT it is foretold that Thor will die after fighting the Midgard Serpent (a giant sea serpent). Since Aquaman can control any and all sea life, he comands the Serpent to attack Thor and just has to wait for Thor to kill the Midgard Serpent and fall over dead from it’s venom.

  3. Hmm. This is one is good.
    I am old-school DC, but I never remember Aquaman’s strength level being defined. I know he is stronger-than-average, but not Thor-level. That being said, I am sure he could woo-woo-woo ((thats my aquatic telepathy sound)) up something from an Asgardian ocean to deal with Thor.

  4. This one’s easy… water conducts electricity. Thor can call down a lightning storm and fry fish-face in his very domain. All Thor has to worry about is what kind of chips to have his dinner with… ;-)

    • hate to be a science geek but that wouldn’t work… the electrical charge would only flow through the person in the water if they are better grounded than the water itself – So if if Aquaman is sitting in a conductive bath tub touching the bottom he’s screwed – but if he’s floating on the surface of an ocean, the current would just dissipate across the whole ocean (might tickle a bit I guess!)

      • Rui M Almeida on

        I won’t get into the level of congnitive dissonance it takes to invoke hard, scientific logic into a discussion of which non-existent, comic-book superhero would win in a fight. I’ll merely counter the point… as Julius would say, “allow me to retort”.

        If that’s the case, Thor would just summon up a huge cyclone to scatter the very ocean from around Aquaman exposing fish-face and then call down a lightning bolt to fry the bastard. Then he would bury him in the oceanbed with one mighty throw of Mjolnir. End of conversation.

        BTW, as an aside, in Simpsons comic book store guy voice, “Call Lightning…best D&D Cleric spell ever.”

  5. Yeah, I’m with Ariamus on this one. I don’t care if you’re the King of the Seven Seas . . . you probably don’t want to be in the Seas when someone calls a lighting storm on your head. Plus, Thor is a God. Aquaman just doesn’t have the power to match him, even on his home turf.

  6. Gotta give the edge to Thor. One guy has command over thunder and lightning, the other has telepathic control over the creatures of the sea. Pick your battleground, but I put money on lightning every time. With fish fried, it’d come down to a knockdown drag-out. And I’m going with the hammer.

  7. Roblabadingdong on

    I think Thor and Aquafellow need to switch costumes. That way Aquaman will at least look a bit awesomer while Thor to pummels him into non-existence.

  8. Seriously?!? OK, OK…hmmm…Thor accidentally drops Mjolnir on Aquaman’s foot and Arthur can’t pick it up…

  9. I understand Thor shootinh lightning in to water blah blah blah. But wouldn’t Aquaman know better then to fight in an area that could deep fry him? Even then I believe the electrical current dissapates after about 10ft or so from a strike. Everyone make this bout too easy.

  10. I don’t fall in with all the Aquaman haters. I think he has his place. Unfortunately, that place would probably be underneath Thor’s boot, in this case.

  11. Okay, first of all this fight would never happen!
    They are both “regal” warriors.
    (OOPS! I forgot about the “Loki Effect”!)
    Never-mind, Loki makes Thor think that Arthur is forcing Sif to shuck oysters at his new “7 Seas Bar & Grill “… HAMMER+FOREHEAD=FISHBAIT!
    (It would be nice if Aquaman could wound Thor with his trident or arm sea-hook before he dies! He would definitely be faster… yet, never stronger. Not even close.)

  12. The “Batman the Brave and the Bold” Aquaman would call this: “The adventure where i nearly defeated a god of lightning and only partially ended up as Todays Special in Sticks ‘n Sushi”

  13. I’m voting for the guy who hit the biggest baddest Celestial so hard in the brain that he made it shudder…

  14. Oldcomicfan on

    This one is easy. Thor doesn’t even have to break into a sweat. While Aquaman is chatting up a fish, Thor only has to call down a massive lightning strike into the water, doesn’t even have to be close to Aquaman. Since water is a good conductor of electricity, Aquaman gets toasted, Thor scoops up all the fried fish that floats to the surface and enjoys a good lunch. Nuf said.

  15. Thor by a mile…as someone mentioned above, although there really doesn’t seem to be hard numbers on Aquaman’s strength, he is nowhere near Superman/Thor levels. Thor also has a whole menu of powers and weapons, plus as the old Marvel Super Heroes game guide indicated, “Unearthly” fighting ability due to his centuries of combat experience.

  16. Uneven fight, Thor will win any day. Now, Aquaman vs. Donald Blake, well I still give it to Donald Blake I guess.

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