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Glenn Beck might have stepped away from his television bully pulpit on Fox, but that didn’t dissuade readers from selling out the recent Bluewater-published biography comic based on his life and career.

“Political Power: Glenn Beck” sold out in less than a week after its April 6th release. The issue, written by freelance journalist Jerome Maida and illustrated by Alexander Bozic, parallels the mercurial and often-times provocative commentators tumultuous personal life with his steady climb to become a leading voice behind the conservative movement.

According to Bluewater, a second printing of the Beck comic is not planned. However, the issue will be incorporated into a graphic novel that also includes the recent biography comic book issues of Sarah Palin, Arnold Schwarzenegger and fellow right-wing political pundit Rush Limbaugh. This graphic novel trade publication, known as “The Red Book,” but officially solicited as “Political Power: Republicans” is scheduled to hit shelves this October.

A companion graphic novel featuring four influential politicians from the other side of the aisle, “Political Power: Democrats” (“The Blue Book”) features the biographies of Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama, Senator Al Franken and the late Ted Kennedy. It is also scheduled for a September 2011 release.

The covers of the “Blue” and “Red” books, illustrated by Joe Phillips, are an homage to a “Super Friends” comic book cover from the 1970s which feature the biography subjects running towards each other. Though sold separately, when the two books are placed side-by-side, it recreates the iconic drawing.

“Political Power: Democrats” and  “Political Power: Republicans” graphic novels retail for $15.99 each and will be available through most online venues like and wherever books are sold.

The “Political Power” series was launched earlier in 2009 as a companion piece to the successful “Female Force” biography title. The comic allowed Bluewater to delve into the lives and power and legacy of some of the most important and powerful political personalities of the past generation regardless of gender.

The Bluewater biography comic books have been featured on the TODAY Show, CNN, ABC World News Tonight, People Magazine, The Los Angeles Times and 1,000’s of other sources.

About Bluewater Productions

Bluewater Productions Inc. is one of the top independent production studios of comic books, young adult books and graphic novels. Its extensive catalog of titles includes the bestsellers “10th Muse” and “The Legend of Isis” ”Bluewater publishes comic books in partnership with entertainment icon William Shatner (“TekWar Chronicles”),  legendary filmmaker Ray Harryhausen (“Wrath of the Titans,” “Sinbad: Rogue of Mars,” “Jason and the Argonauts,” et al) and celebrated actor Vincent Price (“Vincent Price Presents”),  Additionally, Bluewater publishes a highly successful line of biographical comics under the titles “Female Force” and “Political Power.”

Bluewater aims to unite cutting-edge art and engaging stories produced by its stable of the publishing industry’s top artists and writers.

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  1. For a book about “political power” its kinda odd none of the Republicans are currently officer holders. In fact i would say its not going out on limb to say none of the Republicans here will ever hold office for there the rest of there days.

    Seems like It should be people like John Boehner current speaker of the House, or Mitch McConnell Minority Leader of the U.S. Senate. Even persons that are likely to run for president in 2012 like John Huntsman, of Mitt Romney make a bit more sense than Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    I’m also a bit confused why the Junior senator from Minnesota is in as well as Ted Kennedy may he Rest in peace are on the cover. This isn’t the TV Fun house X-presidents where when they get in trouble they can call Nixon from the grave to help out. I would suggest Bluewater use current Senate Majority leader Harry Ried, or Current California Governor Jerry Brown. Both are well know and have “political power!”

    This just looks like they took the names of people that most readers have heard of and hope that it will sell books because of those names. That is there right and I hope the book does well, but I think if you going to talk about “Political power” why make up these power teams when you can just use the ones that already exist.

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