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When Hermes Press unearthed the comic book adventures of Dark Shadows’ tragic antihero, Barnabas Collins, we also rediscovered this rare gem, the Dark Shadows Story Digest from 1970! Combining illustrations by artist Joe Certa with a short story by Donald Arneson, the Story Digest features Barnabas taking an “The Interrupted Voyage” to reunite a ghost with her long-lost love. In typical Dark Shadows fashion, it happens to involve time travel and a run-in with Angelique the witch!
Not in print in decades, we resurrect this rare story with painstaking digital recoloring in flat tones, and the added bonus of supplemental Dark Shadows photos. The Dark Shadows Story Digest-The Original Series is timed for release at the San Diego Comic Con.
ISBN #1-61345-003-1; Diamond Code: MAY111110
Deluxe paperback; full color; 176 pages
$19.99; Available late July

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