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  1. brainypirate on

    Is it over yet?

    Does this mean we get a new JLA roster in the main series?

    Is there now a third Wonder Woman?

  2. I like Elseworld style stories with alternate histories, this is Elseworlds on a major scale.

    I’m looking forward to see what kind of changes they’ll be making for Flashpoint. But I’m sure nothing or very little of it will remain permanent after the event ends. Most of the ‘changes’ will get undone. Except for a few seeds for future stories. It’ll be nice to see how some villians become heroes, heroes turn villlian and some previously minor players become the stars.

  3. Like Tore above, from what I’ve seen, these are just a bunch of Elseworlds that they’re trying to emphasize.

    Don’t get me wrong…I’m a huge fan of the Flash (at least the Wally West version…the new Barry s… big time for me…), and I’m a DC guy through and through, but what I read in Previews just confirms that they are just Elseworlds stories. As such, they will be forgotten not 6 months after the last publication, and I’m just about ready to say no major impact will be felt in the DC continuity…

    I might buy the Zoom special, and that’s about it. The rest sounds lame (to start) and frankly, I don’t think it deserves my hard earned cash.

    Sorry DC…in my mind, you’re wasting paper and ink on this.

    Mokin’s 2 cents…

  4. chillidawg72 on

    In my opinion, the entire DCU is a great example of too many cooks in the kitchen. The writers for these various books seem to change every six months to a year. This leads to a condition I like to call retconitis.

    Let’s look at past examples. Superman was retconned in the 80’s redifining not only his powers, but his history and interactions with his supporting cast. That was followed by the various Crisis crossovers that “Changed the DC universe forever”. More recently you have a Wonder Woman reboot and now this Flashpoint deal.

    The DCU is constantly changing. The status quo seems to be that the DC universe is completely mutable and is subject to the whims and fancy of the ever changing writers. It’s sort of a “flavor of the month” kind of story telling.

    If you keep changing the changes you changed before so that they’ll change into some pocket change the the only thing that doesn’t change is change itself. Uhh, what? I’m having a Torq moment here.

  5. Just read it. t’was very interesting, especially the twist at the end. I’m in for the ride.

    Not so much elseworlds but… different. Don’t want to give up too much for those who haven’t read it yet. It’s no more elseworlds than Infinite crisis, I’ll leave it at that. May want to pick up Flash 12, too… not “needed” but a good set up. if you grabbed them both, read flash first.

  6. This was well worth the time and money spent. The holographic meeting of the “heroes” was the moment of the week for me.

    I find the pre-hate this series has garnered to be more of a symptom of jaded internet “fans” than any reflection of the work. I wish Firefox had a baseless negativity filter. ;)

    • Like I’ve seen it posted throughout Major Spoilers, “Your mileage may vary..” Anyway I think it’s up to the comic book reading public to vote with our money, and send a message that we are tired of comic book issues being a waste. “Then again I could be wrong”……..

  7. ~wyntermute~ on

    House of Flash? I realize that’s an enormous oversimplification, but I doubt that this will even have as much lasting change as “no more mutants” did. :) I’ll probably get some of the trades, though.. From looking at the solicits, I’m not really interested in a lot of these at first glance — we’ll see if word of mouth makes them ‘wantable’. :D

  8. I’m not really a “big event” type of person and generally avoid them. So I was apprehensive about purchasing this but I’m glad I did. If you are an Elseworlds fan like I am then I’m sure you will enjoy this. It had some great twists throughout and the ending was a lot of fun and definitely hooked me for the remainder of the series.

    Hopefully the main story is self contained and all of the mini’s aren’t necessary. I doubt many people can afford or would want to add 30 titles to their pull list. I may check out a couple that seem interesting.

    My only regret was picking up Flash #12 which was supposed to lead into Flashpoint. That was pointless, boring, and a waste of money.

  9. I read nothing here that makes me regret my decision to quit collecting comics for a while. Wonder if it will be on schedule?

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