SPIDER-ISLAND: Spider-Girl arrives on Spider-Island this summer


When Spider-Island: The Amazing Spider-Island #1 arrives in August, Anya Corazon will go up against her deadliest enemies.  That is all according to Marvel, and writer Paul Tobin.

“It’s a VERY different Spider-Girl that readers will encounter in the pages of Spider-Island: The Amazing Spider-Girl, as the strange outbreak of spider-powers infects her as well… but in very surprising ways,” said writer Paul Tobin. “And when the Society of the Wasp declares full scale war on the new ‘army’ of the spider-powered, Spider-Girl surprisingly finds herself aligned with the Kingpin and Hobgoblin. Even more surprisingly she finds that, maybe…that’s where she most belongs.”

Spider-Island: The Amazing Spider-Island #1 has a $2.99 cover price.

via Marvel