Marvel released a sneak peek of Ka-Zar #1 that arrives in June.

KA-ZAR #1 (of 5) (APR110616)
Pencils & Cover by PASCAL ALIXE

The Savage Land is under attack and only Ka-Zar can save his home from slaughter! The hidden jungle is about to become a warzone as unknown soldiers set off to set the Savage Land ablaze! However, Ka-Zar is not the only defender of this sacred land as a mythical tribe readies their arms to defend their home and drive out these deadly foes. Trapped between the opposing forces, it will be up to Ka-Zar and Shanna to defuse the brewing war before these two fuming enemies turn the Savage Land into scorched earth this June

Ka-Zar #1 arrives June 08, 2011, and has a $2.99 cover price.

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  1. Am I the only comic reader that never like Ka-Zar? Give me DC’s Warlord and his “hidden world” any day over The Savage Land, which has been used as a plot device/alternate location as many times as the late, lamented Attilian.

  2. Luis Dantas on

    Really? When the chips are down, Warlord is a much weaker character, and Skartaris a far more derivative and limited setting.

  3. Pantsthemonkey on

    If this series is going to be interesting, they need to get Ka-Zar, Shanna and Zabu out of the Savage Land for at least some of the series. There’ve been so many bad stories set there at this point, its pretty much Marvel’s outhouse at this point. For dual-natured characters like Shanna and Ka-Zar, they should to interact with other characters in the Marvel universe in order to showcase what makes them unique and special flowers.

    Plus leaving the SL for awhile would make it easier for Zabu to hang out with his Pet Avenger pals!

  4. I used to like Ka-Zar, but this art is terrible! Well, the people in this art are terrible. And I kinda hate the lettering and word bubbles too, they seem very starkly contrasted to the art. Not pretty at all.

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