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3D Warp Entertainment Inc announced today that “RUNE KEEPERS: REMNANTS”, which is book one in a new graphic novel series by creator David A Adams, New York Times bestselling author Richard A Knaak and artist Steve Clarke, will be completed early summer 2011. What sets this graphic novel series apart from most is the way in which the art work is produced:

“The RUNE KEEPERS graphic novel series is being created using a combination of CG (3D models) and digital painting. This offers several advantages over traditional art,” said David A Adams, President of 3D Warp Entertainment and creator of RUNE KEEPERS. “Though more time consuming and a bit more expensive than standard comic book art, we feel it is important in this new transition to digital media and distribution (that the entire entertainment industry from books to film seems to be going through), to create art assets that can be used to its full potential no matter what form the product takes. So besides the fact that the lighting, shadows, colors and real sense of three dimensional depth of this art style is stunning, doing the book with CG art allows us to not only have a beautiful printed product, but also to take advantage of where we feel the future of digital comics is headed. Think about reading a digital comic, the story and art building up to a climax and then watching that climax as a full CG animated scene, similar to seeing the cool cut scene at the end of a video game. Our objective for doing things in this way is to create a uniformity in the art so that people can watch a CG animated teaser or video for RUNE KEEPERS, then open the printed or digital version of the graphic novel and it looks just as cool.”

3D Warp Entertainment launched a new RUNE KEEPERS website on May 5, 2011 ( where fans can read free background stories, download art work and eventually view free CG animated shorts and digital web comics to supplement the new series.

3D Warp Entertainment Inc. is a privately held corporation located in Irving, Texas. In 2007, David A Adams teamed up with New York Times bestselling author Richard A Knaak and artist Steve Clarke in order to expand the story and develop the art style for RUNE KEEPERS. The graphic novel series is currently being independently funded and produced.


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