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Meet Steve Canyon-the greatest ace pilot and troubleshooter the Air Force has. Fly with him as he infiltrates a South American dictatorship, travels to India and Alaska, test pilots a rocket-controlled experimental jet, retrieves a downed pilot and finds a missing U.S.A.F. jet, and puts a crazed pilot in his place. With a cast that includes brothers Tuck and Trucker, and Nurse Maggie Gallagher, Steve Canyon is cartoonist Milt Caniff’s Cold Warrior of the 1950s comics. All artwork was overseen by Caniff himself, as he provided inks on occasional Steve Canyon heads to maintain his distinct look.

Now, experience Steve’s comic book adventures from the 1950s Dell Comics, painstakingly and loyally reproduced with digital technology. With fully painted covers and vibrant interior pages, Steve Canyon: The Complete Series-Volume One lets you relive the triumph and perils of his adventures in this hardcover library edition.

With a colorful and informative introduction by producer John R. Ellis, Steve Canyon: The Complete Series-Volume One is the complete collection of the seven long out-of-print Dell Steve Canyon comics from the 1950s.

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