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  1. Definitely an improvement. I like the inclusion of Havok on the poster the most, and also the X-Jet coming in from the back.

    With that said, I’m exercising my fanboy right to nitpick about Beast. The pose looks good, the angle does not. Something about the hair makes me think more Monsters Inc. than X-Men First Class. But that’s just fanboy griping on my part.

    Otherwise, this is the still the best-looking comic book movie of the summer!

    • “Otherwise, this is the still the best-looking comic book movie of the summer!”

      Your mileage may vary, I guess. Frankly, it still looks like the one I’m least interested in seeing (and may even skip when it hits DVD).

  2. Yeah! Looks real good, seems that the non-American markets are getting the best of ads/posters/premiers as of late. I have to say I am most excited to see X-Men: First Class out of all the comic book movies that are coming out.

  3. It;s better, but it still has one issue, the same issue the other posters have. I’m going to come out and say it, even though I know I’ll get flamed for it: Emma Frost.

    I feel sorry for January Jones because she looks RIDICULOUS next to the rest of the team. (Yes, even compared to Beast and the guy who looks like Nightcrawler but isn’t.)

    Emma Frost looks like a Fembot. No, even that’s better than this costume. She sticks out like a sore thumb, and not in a good way at all.

    Let me put it this way: Emma Frost is the Jar Jar of First Class.

    There, I said it.


  4. brainypirate on

    My goodness, Michael Fassbender is a good-looking man!!!!!!!!! No wonder Magneto had so many disciples!

  5. brainypirate on

    I really like the pants/jackets look for films — I even prefer to the standard leotard/briefs look most comics still use. I can’t take Supes and Bats seriously anymore with their undies over their pantyhose.

    But what’s the purpose of the zippers on the thighs in these costumes??? Is that for pockets, or to get the pants on/off more quickly?

  6. “discover the origins of the saga”
    “X men the beginning”

    as for the characters they all look like there from star trek for some reason

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