Marvel has announced the third new Ultimate Comics title following the Death of Spider-Man event will feature Hawkeye as the central character.  This will not be an ongoing series, but rather a four issue mini that kicks off this summer.

“If you give any character a chance at the spotlight and write them well, they all have a chance to be a hit,” said series writer Jonathan Hickman. “As we’re using the story to move the narrative forward, we’ll bring in some other characters to cement how important he’s supposed to be moving forward.”

The mini-series will feature art by Rafa Sandoval, and according to everything we’ve heard these last couple of days, the Marvel U will evolve that will allow creators to tell stories they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do in the regular Marvel books.

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  1. Never been much of a Hawkeye fan. At least the cover looks decent though. Maybe i will check that one out.

  2. Oldcomicfan on

    Hawkeye? You mean the doctor from MASH? Oh, you mean the second stringer Green Arrow knock off in the Marvel universe who nobody cares about? Meh.

    So somebody on the Marvel editorial board had the genius idea “Hey, let’s kill off our character who been the most popular EVAR for the longest time and replace him with some loser who’s never managed to sell a comic! Isn’t that the best idea EVAR?!!!” Boy, the decision ranks right up there with the one when somebody in Japan said “Hey, I got a great idea! Let’s bomb Pearl Harbor!” or when General Custer said, “Oh, hell, there ain’t no indians down in that draw…”

    Boy, you just know THAT idea is going to end well.

    Oh, wait, didn’t DC do this whole schmere with Stuporman a few years ago. “Oh, let’s kill off Superman and replace him with a wisecracking clone Superboy, and evil half robot Superman clone, a fellow with no powers in an armored suit and an alien silly putty Supergirl any other lame ideas we can come up with! We’ll sell millions!” They couldn’t bring back the original Superman quick enough, in the end.

    • Except that in the short term they did sell like crazy, hence the reason that stuff keeps happening. I gotta say though, I always thought that this whole Ultimate stuff was just some other kind of mini-series/side series thing that would go for a little bit and then go away much like anything in comics and now we’re this far along and I’ve read nothing “Ultimate” but the first Ultimates 12 (or 13?) issue series and that was only this year. So, suffice to say, I’m too far out of touch with the Ultimate universe to really care at this point. Although, I do like Clint Barton as a character, always have. In the 616 though.

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