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  1. Yeah I’m sold. While I would have prefered CCH Pounder, it looks like who ever’s doing Waller will do a good job. Kilowog cool, Tomar Re cool, Sinestro cool.

    So Superman doesn’t exist in this world?

      • I thought he was walking America, trying to “find himself”. Or hovering over Iran not helping. Next up, North Korea, as he renounces ever eating Kimchi again.

    • @Kirby: Yes, CCH Pounder would have been a nice nod to the Bruce Timm universe. But having Amanda Waller portrayed by the magnificent Angela Basset is ok by me. It’s not the greatest casting decision, but Basset is a great talent with uncommon ‘presence’. It would have made a huge difference had Angela Basset been Storm instead of Halle Berry, even if that meant making Ororo a bit older in the script. Huge. Difference.

  2. I was asked by my Dad what I thought about this movie. I told him I was going to pass. Hector Hammond is laughable(it just screams fake, and rushed), Paralax as a FF2:ROTSS Galactus Smoke Cloud thing devouring the Earth, Reynolds as Hal, and the much awaited Michael Clark Duncan voicing Kilowog just doesn’t justify the rest of the “Spider-Man” vibe I am getting from this. In my mind it should still be a “alien-ated” version of “The Right Stuff” to be a proper Green Lantern movie. But that’s just my opinion.

  3. I think the “green ring forms machine gun” scene looks silly. It’s energy-just blow a hole in something.

  4. I just thought of a justification of Hal’s mask looking crappy at points, if this is how other characters see it, they’re not gonna look at his face just because it’s annyoing/distracting. Sort of the opposite of Power Girl.

  5. Ummmmm well the origins dont have the scientists finding Abin Sur. What is up with that? Why can they not just stay to the comic? It is not hard people. Why? Why? Why? (In the Sally Field voice of Steel Magnolias at the cemetary at the funeral.)

  6. Definitely will see the movie, but I wonder if it’s a bit too geek-specific to win over a wide, wide audience.

    Didn’t like the look of the Guardian though – the skin tone looked wrong. And agree with previous comment that GL’s mask looked a bit too bright and CGI-ed. But these really are minor quibbles as I’m still gonna see the movie the first week it’s out!

    • Well, this will be one of the only comic related movies that my wife wants to see. Granted her desire is based solely on the fact that Ryan Reynolds is playing Hal Jordan, so they won her over with that. As a benefit to me, I get to see the movie with my wife and hopefully explain a little something to her about the character and get her to know what a Kilowog is.

  7. brainypirate on

    If GL can fly through space with the ring alone, why was Abin Sur in a space ship??

    The Guardians have more wrinkles than I’ve ever thought of them having.

    The orchestral score probably makes this trailer more compelling than it deserves to be.

    Where IS Superman? Though to be fair, I have this same problem in the comics when heroes face galactic menaces and the writers forget that there are 100+ guest stars they could call in from across the DCU….

    • Hahahahaha… people have been trying to explain why dude was in a spaceship since the silver age. ^_^ I think it will be too much of a handful for the movie to try it outside of the standard throwaway comment “oh, he was too scared to rely on his ring”.

    • If you watch the trailer (or the footage) he was hit by parallax and hurt therefore the ship.

      In the comics, he was paranoid about some prophecy stating his ring would eventually fail him. (Turns out that was right.)

      • Makes sense, I was just wondering if it was something as simple as his ring being almost depleted and he needed to preserve the little juice it had left, hence the ship. But yeah…

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