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Jack Trigger loves comics, and has for the last 10 years. His favorite books included Fables, Amazing Spider-Man, X-Men, Wonder Woman, and the Secret Six. Currently, Jack attends San Fernando Valley Community College, where he is studying film making.


  1. I hope that’s comic book headline we remember and not this Superman citizenship nonsense.

    PS. is that what the original cover looked like, or is that just a bad scan? I honestly don’t remember anymore.

  2. I am a card-carrying Republican and I am very pleased with the way President Obama has handled (yes, it IS the Commander-in-Chief that gives Seal Team 6 the go-call when it comes down to it) the entire operation that came to fruition last night. Forty Seal Team 6 members could have taken down an entire city if they had stayed longer than 40 minutes.

    Right now, this makes the Superman plot look pretty weak and I hope it eats sales of the books alive. Until they rectify this uber-liberal screw up of a plot device Superman shouldn’t even be let into the front door of the Hall of Justice or the JSA HQ. I hear that they need a superhero in Switzerland.

    I would not even be adverse to DC having a “president” character that happens to be dark-skinned and with rather large ears sit down with The Big Blue Idiot and give him a lecture on how being an American is as much of a responsibility to the world (in regards to the position we have put ourselves in as “defenders of Democracy” by our own choice) as being a “super-hero”. Forty “real” super-heroes jumped out of choppers with enough specialized gear to make Batman go “DAMN!”, go into the most secure terrorist compound in the world, take out a man responsible for multiple thousands of deaths and then leave and the only person that knows what’s going on is a guy blogging on the other block. Kinda makes “walking across America” and then pontificating on American citizenship look like crap to US readers. (Unless you’re George Clooney…)

    The only difference is that Larsen should do a new cover showing Obama dropping Osama’s carcass into the ocean.

    • Seconded. The real world, first with last week’s birth cert debacle reaching a head & now this moment of triumph, has really hurt DC’s sad little attention stunt. It’s enough to make me believe in karma, if it was at all related.

    • This is a comic book site, guys. We deal with this material as works of fiction not agitprop. If you want to flame people about their political beliefs go to drudge.

      You don’t know yet if this is a set up that teaches Superman about the real meaning of patriotism or maybe he’s on a secret mission. You’re saying that the subject of this comic is politically incorrect, and that not what we do in the comic book community.

      Comic books are art. If you want to talk about the artistic implications of this story, by all means stick around, but if you want to do some ‘Seduction of the Innocent’ purity test, take it someplace else.

      • Comic books are also literature as well as art. And some comics have, by their place in national society and in other media, have become as much a representation of an ideal and “icon” (although that term has been over-used). Captain America, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Spider-Man especially. Even people that don’t read comics can identify Captain America’s shield, or “Truth, Justice and the American Way”, or “With great power comes great responsibility.”

        I don’t know what sites or discussions you’ve been around but saying that “the comic book community” doesn’t identify the subject of a comic as “politically incorrect” is “technically incorrect” in my opinion. I have seen discussions even here on this site that Speedy Gonzales (the Warner Brother’s character) was a “politically incorrect stereotype”. A valid discussion of the content of any literature includes both sides of a debate and does NOT suppress a viewpoint as being “politically incorrect” or validate it by being “politically correct”.

        I am not now, nor have I ever been a person that “flames” on the net. I was a person that held to the Jeffersonian principles of “polite discourse” long before the Congress brought it back up.

        A discussion of the arcs and plots in comics will ultimately reflect on the times and circumstances around them, from the portrayal of the Japanese in the titles of WWII to the “commie-smashing” Captain America of the 50’s to Captain America and Iron Man’s involvement in the Vietnam Conflict, Wonder Woman’s “woman’s lib” era, Speedy being hooked on smack, etc. Trying to discuss The Watchmen and V for Vendetta without looking at the political/social overtones would be pretty useless.

        • Literature is a form of art.

          You crossed the line when you referred to it as a “uber-liberal screw up”. At no point in your post did you discuss the story on its artistic merit (have you even read it?), it simply makes a political point that you disagree with and therefore you want DC to be punished for deviating from what you consider politically acceptable (“and I hope it eats sales of the books alive”)

          Superman is a “big blue idiot” for espousing views that you disagree with. He should be mocked and ostracized for what he believes in, the president should tell him how to be a “real” American. And apparently you have some kind of problem with George Clooney? I have a problem with his performance in Batman and Robin, but I’m assuming you feel it’s his politics that are unacceptable. Condemning his performance is appropriate for this site, condemning his politics is not.

          You see, the “Comic book community” has already gone through this. There used to be censorship boards and congressional hearings that decided what could and could not be written and drawn in comic books. It took years to get out from under that petty frightened small mindedness.

          Like I said, if you want to complain about other people’s political views, there are plenty of outlets to do so, but this site is about comic books. We don’t judge people based on how liberal they are, we judge them based on how well they write and draw.

          • Yes, I read the story. And I have no problem with George Clooney (other than the issue we agree on, a terrible Batman movie). I merely gave him as an example of someone that has expressed publicly liberal views. I believe it was him that said “I don’t see ‘liberal’ as a dirty word.” More power to him.

            As to the history of the “comic book community”, I was there from 1969 until today and I’ve read many, many histories of the post war period through the “Silver Age”.

            I stand by what I said as a critique of the character based on current events. I also maintain that it is difficult to truly discuss “art” without discussing meaning and philosophy and that sometimes includes politics and current events. Sorry if you don’t agree. End of my part of this discussion.

  3. Studioplant on

    “I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure” Clarence Darrow

  4. Funny to think that this comic was probably worth a little more than a kids lunch money yesterday…and today EBAY has it sending that same kid to college and then the moon in a ferrari rocketship. :)

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