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  1. I thought it was great episode. Had all the little twists and story turns that the “Matt Smith” era of Who is known for.

    The main question on my mind right now is


    Will that be the actual death of the Doctor? Will they end the show with that moment? Or will the 11th Doctor figure out some way out of it?

  2. graffitisky on

    I really liked it. This episode was full of the Whovian moments I felt the first episode lacked. It answered just enough questions, posed enough new questions, all while leaving enough room for the speculation Dr. Who fans have come to expect.

  3. Dan Hunter on

    i was underwhelmed and overwhelmed. I liked the idea of this episode’s big bad and their backstory and the solution for dealing with it. I liked the idea of the Doctor’s death and the mystery of the llittle girl but as a whole just left feeling a bit meh… can’t put my finger on why just yet.

    • i tend to agree. I also thought the use of Nixon felt kinda kunky. If it was just the space center it would have been ok with it, but the second time fell really flat with me. Seemed like something that needed to do more of, to make a gag our of it or just the once.

      So much of this episode and the one before are clearly set up we can completely judge them til the end of the season but for now they feel good but not great. But its always nice to have new Doctor Who because its still better than 95% of everything else out there.

  4. I had a similar reaction to Dan. I thought all the parts were good, but something felt off about it. Maybe it is the fact that it felt a little too wrapped up, without actually resolving a lot of major issues.

  5. Enjoyable. I likedthem in America, the way theAliens were defeated was nothing short of brilliant.
    Like Lost, it answered questions by asking new ones.

  6. Chuck's Right Foot on

    I think Moffat is a genius and I’m pretty sure the story isn’t wrapped up. I was very much shocked at the cliffhanger. Since this is a Talkback, I’m assuming spoilers are legit. So be WARNED…..


    Is Amy Pond a Time Lord who doesn’t remember? I’m pretty sure the Doctor didn’t sleep with her on purpose but could it be a redacted memory from The Silence? Experimentation? Or was it like she thought, a mutation from being a Time Traveler? It’s been HEAVILY foreshadowed that River kills the doctor…is this how? Is the little girl River…. Ugh. I love this show.


    Check out Jekyll and Sherlock on Netflix streaming. Moffat shows that are just sublime. Also his sitcom Coupling is awesome as well.

    • Speculation: the little girl is Amy’s daughter from the dreamscape that she and the Doctor were trapped in for an episode last series. In that “reality”, Amy and Rory were married and had a child. Maybe the child somehow survived the collapse of the dreamscape (at the end of the episode) and the resetting of the universe (in the last episode of the series). That would make sense. How the child becomes a Time Lord is beyond me, but it could also have something to do with the Doctor and Amy resetting the universe.

  7. This opening two-parter has been absolutely excellent in every way. I particularly loved how X-Filesy this second episode got. When it wasn’t being pure Moffatry, anyway. Seeing Doctor Who attempt Big Television was great, and brings home the sense that the programme itself can stretch to anything (like Batman). Including even next time pirates (like Batman).

    Minor meta-quibble: Last year it was a bit strange seeing the Doctor twiddling his thumbs (i.e. having great Monster-of-the-Week episodes) between arc stories. With so many plot balls in the air it’s going to be even more jarring this year, if that’s the way it goes.

  8. I don’t know why everyone is caught up with River being Amy’s child. Her skin complexion alone discounts that. That lovely olive skin can’t be birthed by a ginger. Not to mention I think River’s prison is much further than 40 years in the future. I am pretty sure she is a separate mystery from the child. I do think the child’s regeneration is due to exposure to the TARDIS in the womb.

    • Well, she DID regenerate at the end of the episode. Coudn’t she look like she is from a different ethnic background afterwards?

    • Romana tried a couple of bodies before choosing the Princess Astra form. One of them was even non-timelord looking.(I was going to say human but they came first and we look like them.)

  9. I second what @lantis said about the kid being River, not a chance, and I don’t think she’s Amy’s kid ether, it just looks too simple an answer.

    I think the kid is Jenny’s. It’s been rumored that we would be seeing Jenny return and this seasons tag line is that he would fall the hardest that he has ever fallen. I could be a sacrifice of Jenny so that her kid can survive and Amy foster her.

    It’s a long shot, but I’d be ok if I’m wrong. I love this show

  10. Loved the premiere arc. Great stuff. I was genuinely saddened when River realized that she’d just had her last kiss with the Doctor. I also hope we get to see Canton Delaware some more…I loved his character and maybe he’d be a cool companion at some point in the future.

    ‘The Day of The Moon’ really got me thinking about a lot of the Moffat/Smith era themes that have been repeating. For example there is the horror of the thing unseen in both the Silents and the Weeping Angels. They do their worst when you can’t see them.

    Then there is the theme of lost/removed memories that we see with the Silents and with the erasure of the horror of the torture of the star whale in ‘The Beast Below’ from last season. We also get Amy losing her memory of Rory when he falls into the crack.

    A theme bridging these two is reflected in the perception filter in ‘The Lodger’ where the horror of the situation is hidden by an illusion, and nobody can remember that the building they are living in doesn’t actually have a second floor.

    Finally, we haven’t really had any episodes that featured The Doctor and Company on a purely alien world, but instead we get a secret occupied history of earth with the Silurians, and the Vampires of Venice, the Daleks in WWII and finally the Silents in the premiere. The only episodes that took place off earth were ‘The Beast Below’ and the ‘Angel’ two parter, and those episodes focused largely on a human ‘future history’.

    I wonder if these repeating themes are deliberate and intended to point toward an ultimate conclusion or if they are merely themes that Moffat likes to explore. Next week looks to be another historical episode, so I’m curious to see which, if any of these themes will be repeated or reflected.

  11. ^Not necessarily their last kiss since at some later point he has to visit her and take her to the picnic near the singing towers where he gives her the screwdriver. She just thinks its the last kiss.

    • It was “Her” last kiss with him, but his first with her. Their lives are going in reverse order. So far we hav not seen him kiss her. Each time we see her she is getting younger while he is getting older. Chances are she has it but for reasons knownonly to Moffat, she does not use it.

      • I beleive that she did use it. She scanned the Doctor with it after he wired himself to the Pandorica.

  12. exmalakite on

    Wait a second. The crack in the wall in Pond’s bedroom,where have we seen something like that before…Oh I know, maybe the same kind of vortex that The Master and all other timelords have to look into. “The whole universe pouring into your head since you were a little girl.” What do you think the TARDIS does at it’s heart? Too much for Rose and Donna, but if your mind were exposed at an early age, like a timelords….who knows?

    Or Pond could be the regenerated form of the Doctor’s Daughter from the Tennant episode of the same name.

    Or she’s Rani, you know how those “Last survivor of a race” stories go. There is always one or two or millions of Kryptonians, Kandorians, Martians, Timelords, Saiyans…you get the picture.

    Either way, can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

  13. thedexter102 on

    I liked this episode much better than the first and although I felt it dragged in the middle alot I liked the big cliffhanger and enjoyed the somewhat more light hearted tone. However I was disturbed by the lack of explanation or even a mention of events previous and the threat of a retcon still sits in my mind and sets up a sense of dread in my mind. That aside, I really liked the episode.

    3.5 Slices.

  14. kara zor-el on

    I didn’t get a chance to watch the new episodes but from what I have heard these new episodes are a lot like the last season. Nice decision to change the location though. Traveling to the US is perfect for a theory I have.

    According to the rumor mill the Eight Doctor might be coming back. We find out who River kiss as well and I have a very strong feeling that it is the Eight Doctor. There is no record of his regeneration but what if she triggered it. It would explain Moffat’s comment about the man who dies being, ‘a good man, and a hero to many’.

    I would just be happy to see Paul McGann in Doctor Who again.

    • Alisha Mynx on

      McGann is who I wished for the most if they ever do a “The (number) Doctors” special like they had in the older series. Of course, my picks also included David Tennant as the Metacrisis Human Hybrid Doctor as well, but I’ll take what I can get.

  15. There is one thing that no one seems to be mentioning but I don’t believe that Moffat would have thrown it in there if he did not plan on using it. Rory lived for almost 2000 years and he has access to those memories. Rory was there when Rome fell. Rory probably spoke with Leo Davinci, Churchill, and possibly every other mover and shaker of the last 2000 years who would have come to see the Pandorica. He had to rescue the Pandorica on more then one occasion all while never sleeping, never needing to eat, and still keeping himself from taking damage.

    This is going to come back in a big way & I can’t wait to see how.

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