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  1. Antonio Sanciolo on

    very concerned about who is signing off on this artwork!!!
    look at where Ryan Reynolds’ neck meets the collar of his “uniform”; it just looks pasted on.
    And Kilowog’s corkscrew arm? Is this crap for real?!

  2. Wow! This is bad. I second Ryan’s neck, and the cork screw Kilowog arm. Sinestro looks okay, but this CGI stuff has never really appealed to me. I think I will be passing on GL, wait for Netflix, or ZUNE to have it. Not even buy it to keep. My Spider-sense is tingiling!

  3. Yeah…Stel looks like a Bionicle that won’t break. Except he probably will; being a robot a expendable and all. I don’t mind the pasted looking collar on Hal. At least his head looks proportional to his body (it looked pretty big in the other one). The corkscrew arm makes sense if you look at the others’ arms. It’s the same muscles, but more compacted because his arm is shorter and bulkier. I suppose it could be made to look better though.

  4. Sinestro being the only one wearing his ring on his left hand is a nice (if not exactly subtle) touch.

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