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  1. Another excellent strip that made me laugh out loud.

    “Marrow lover!” “!@*%ing gezzer!” That’s funny.

  2. I love this. It’s so funny how angry everyone gets anymore with all this stuff. It’s just fun to me, if they do something in a comic with Spider-man that I don’t like, I go find a story I do like or I move to something totally new and end up reading something fantastic like Agents of Atlas or something. But I do have a buddy, Sam, who I like to get into arguments with about stuff like this. We both understand that we’re just screwing around and we’ll get into big long winded arguments over stupid stuff like how I think Jeff Goldblum is one of the worst actors of all time and he thinks that he’s brilliant. It always ends the same, I hate the guy, he loves him and it was all in good fun. That’s what I wish it were like more on here and around the intardwebz.

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