Brothers and sisters. Brothers and brothers. Sisters and sisters.  The pairing can generate a powerful team, or the worst of enemies.  This week we’re taking a trio of siblings and tossing them in the ring to battle it out.


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  1. Hands down the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver! She is one bad chick! with 3 words she changed the entire Marvel universe! The Wonder Twins? Please! How about they make themselves useful and transform into a dust pan and a broom so they can do the only thing they are good at, which is sweeping up their monkey’s feces at the Hall of Justice. Hawk and Dove – cool, but it is clear, and made clear, the Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful beings in that universe. They do not stand a chance! I still cannot believe there are votes for the Wonder Twins at all……….

  2. Scarlet Witch hits Hawk and Dove with her hex power. Quicksilver attacks between Hawk and Dove. Hawk freaks out, fumbles his attack due to the hex, and punches a hole through Dove who was just trying to mediate. Meanwhile Jan an Jase transform into a giant eagle and a bucket of water. Quicksilver speeds to the bucket and pours it down the eagle’s throat. Another hex causes Jase to transform back into his solid form and both die. Hawk is now alone, his brother’s blood covering him. On last hex causes him to slip on his brother’s spilled blood and he falls and cracks his head open.

  3. Zan & Jayna have a monkey, which is an unpredictable, uhcontrollable ball of teeth, claws, & airborne feces. Plus, theirs is super-powered. They won’t have to do anything, just distract the Maximoffs/Halls long enough to let Gleek* wreak his horrible, flithy chaos.

    *This name is now ruined, thanks to Cop Rock Babies.

  4. I didn’t choose the “best” team per se. Here’s my logic:
    I hate what they did with Wanda in House Of M …it was just…shitstorm on top of a shitstorm, although I do quite enjoy her brother as a character. But House Of M Ruined Wanda for me as a character.

    Family Guy ruined the Wonder Twins for me.

    So that leaves Hawk and Dove. Characters who I liked in JLU TAS and who were surprisingly well written (and this may be completely subjective) in The Blackest Night. So I went with Hawk and Dove.

  5. I had to vote for Pietro and Wanda even though House of M was a crap story, and I hate it. I just don’t have much a of connection between Hawk and Dove, and the Wonder Twins would have won if Pietro wasn’t in the mix.

  6. Quicksilver probably beats both sets of siblings by himself, all the while complaining.

    Really not much of a contest, unless you’re talking Silver Age Wanda, in which case Hank and Don could realistically win if they got a break or two.

  7. How do you beat a team made up of a speedster and a reality manipulator? The only thing Hawk and Dove have over the two other teams is the fact that they don’t have a creepy incestuous feel to their sibling relationship, heck read ultimate’s Wanda and Pietro it gets creepier…

  8. This one was easy. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are both major badarses. Hawk and Dove were never more than benchwarmers on the third string of the DC roster. And the Wonder Twins never existed. Never. No. No. No.

  9. clubberlang6 on

    I had to vote for the Wonder Twins. They remind me of good times watching super friends cartoons in the eighties. I think their pet monkey would be the difference in this fight. That was one smart monkey!

  10. Just because he turns into water, and then she turns into an elephant, and then… then they… oh my god. And the monkey watches.

  11. If Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch were to fight at peak efficiency and minimum neuroses they could handily beat Hawk and Dove operating under similar conditions.
    I can not envision a circumstance where the Wonder Twins could win out because they require physical contact in order to activate their powers.

  12. Please.

    Wonder Twins Powers, activate!

    “Shape of, a greased up Wonder Man!”

    “Form of, Steve Ditko’s royalty checks!”

    Game. Set. and the space monkey didn’t even have to tag in….

  13. Quickie and the Witch win.
    1. They have played both sides of the fence and went up against the toughest both sides had to offer.
    2. They have the best picture.
    3. Hawk and Dove would probably be beaten before they could stop arguing.
    4. Zan and Jayna did exist in Extreme Justice in the 90’s, but even these more powerful than cartoon version couldn’t take on Dick and Nut.

  14. Dude. Really? Come on, yo. Dog. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are hardcore. The other guys are tough, but those two will KILL YOU. Straight up, no joke, KILL YOU.

    Shape of: a corpse.
    Form of: a puddle of blood.

    Game over, man. Game over.

  15. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, and only because I actually know who they are, and I F’ing hate the Wonder Twins.

  16. Wonder Twin Powers….are useless. I dont know anything about Hawk and Dove since I stay away from DC like I would the plague. Quicksilver by default.

  17. Wouldn’t Don’s blessing of Order or whatever you’d call it negate Wanda’s chaos magic and potentially increase Hank’s power?

    And couldn’t Zan turn into ice so Pietro is just slipping and falling all over the place?

    If its a free-for-all, then the twins could take Quicksilver, Hawk and Dove could take out Wanda.

    I guess Jana could turn into some animal to eat Don if he turns into a dove, and then Hank couldn’t beat up Zan as a bucket of water so…

    I guess Zan and Jana.

  18. I’ll go with Quicksilver & The Scarlet Witch.

    If nothing else, they can call Daddy and as denizens of Ultimate Marvel Earth can attest: Dude can be a BEE-OTCH!

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