If you were sitting in the theater watching The Dark Knight, and were wondering why the guy in the next row started giggling with glee when Nestor Carbonell showed up as the mayor of Gotham… well, there is a thing called IMDB, and it has all the answers.

Since we know you aren’t inclined to click away from Major Spoilers even for a moment, The Tick actor (he played Batmanuel, a spoof of Batman) is in negotiations to return as Mayor Anthony Garcia in the Dark Knight Rises.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle… or something like that… Now you can giggle along with the rest of the audience who show up to the movie baked out of their minds.

via Geek Week




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  1. brainypirate on

    I thought the guy behind me was giggling over the guyliner too.

    But Carbonell swears he doesn’t use eyeliner and that’s just his natural look. I think he pulled a Tammy Faye and got an eyeliner tattoo….

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