Art Asylum is showing off the latest in its Femme Fatales line of statues.  This time, it Alice who gets all dolled up for your shelf-viewing pleasures – of which I don’t want to know anything about… seriously.

The “Femme Fatales” figure series offers another interpretation of how young Alice might have looked a decade or so after that first tumble down the rabbit hole! Her dress is a nod to the traditional look we all remember from the stories, but her shy-yet-seductive stance lets us know she may not be as innocent as we believed. And of course, where would Alice be without her trusted friend and Wonderland guide, the Cheshire Cat, by her side? Standing 9” tall, this Sam Greenwell sculpt showcases the Lewis Carroll heroine in a whole new light. Look for it in a specialty store near you!

via Art Asylum


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