Stripped of his powers, and forced to walk the Earth as a mortal, Hercules now fights without the aid of his godly heritage. Can the son of Zeus beat back the evil that encroaches upon his territory, and can he find a warm place to sleep? Take the jump, and find out!

Herc #1
Writers: Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente
Pencils: Neil Edwards
Inks: Scott Hanna
Colors: Jesus Aburtov
Letters: Simon Bowland
Covers: Carlo Pagulayan & John Romita Jr.
Editor: Mark Paniccia
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Story Pages: 22
Cover Price: $3.99 USD

Previously, in Herc: Hercules fought Mikaboshi aka The Chaos King and won. But in doing so Hercules lost all his incredible power. Now as a mortal, Herc guards the innocent, and downtrodden in one of the worst parts of New York, Brooklyn.


Now a mortal, Herc has not changed his ways, but that doesn’t mean he won’t feel it in the morning. He protects a innocent woman from a band of rejects from “The Warriors”, as well as finding a job, and a place to stay. Things are looking up for Herc, until the Hobgoblin soars in to ruin his day.

This was a great first issue. I picked up some spotty issues of the “Incredible Hercules”, and I liked those, but this is so much better. The Greek family that takes Herc in are great supporting characters, and I really liked how they came across. I really look forward to more from them, especially Georgios. Who takes pride that he, and WHAM!’s George Michael are both Greek, and that George’s real name is the same as his. I didn’t know George Michael was Greek? And who says you can’t learn nothing from comic books?

I love how down to earth Herc was in this issue. He comes across a alter to him, where there is beer, and his response is simply, “BEST OFFERING EVER.” That’s exactly what he should be doing, and as he pulls bullets from his shoulder he is writhing around in pain referring to himself that he is a, “BIG MORTAL BABY”, it’s quite funny.


The artwork in this issue is well crafted, and delivers the savagery that it should, I can’t recall other works by Neil Edwards, but his work here is spot on, and it sure delivers. The urban decay, and nastiness that is Brooklyn really comes through within these pages, and at times I felt as if I needed at tetanus shot.

Since Herc is without his powers he has to rely upon the weapons forged for war, and this issue has a nice update upon the “Stat” box that tends to show up. Instead of just stating what the weapon, or action Herc is wielding/performing, it is illustrated as it would be on a Ancient piece of Greek Pottery. That really adds a extra depth to the issue, and I rather enjoyed that.


A great first issue to a promising series that is under the expert guidance of Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente. Those two writers have delivered on other books in the past, and surely did deliver on this one as well. The artwork by Edwards fits this book like a glove, and really pops from page to page, whether that be Herc bemoaning the fact that there is a WHAM! poster on the ceiling above the bed of a lady he just bedded, or Herc cutting clean through a would be muggers bicep.

Overall this issue was well worth my time and money, was well written and illustrated. It had great characters, and definitely has great potential. I know what I am adding to my pull list.

In closing, Herc #1 receives 4 Stars, out of 5.

Rating: ★★★★☆


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