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Dynamite’s Vampirella continues to gain readership, and issue #8 begins a new story-arc!  Vampirella will continue to be written by writer extraordinaire Eric Trautmann, and we’re proud to announce that Fabiano Neves will be the special artist for this story arc.  Vampirella #8 will feature covers by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic, Paul Renaud, Ale Garza, and Fabiano Neves!

The story focus’ on a lonely stretch of highway – in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, with a trio of vicious creatures on a mission of murder and destruction.  And all that stands in their way is Vampirella!  It’s a road-trip through death and horror, as Vampirella, who is still dealing with the aftermath of her first adventure, facing a threat that may finally be her match.

And we continue our scarlet heroine’s success with Vampirella: and the Scarlet Legion #2 – written by Joe Harris and has art by José Málaga, with covers by Billy Tucci and Johnny D!  Following the shocking turn of events from last issue, abandoned by her allies and friends, Vampirella seeks comfort in the arms of Chaos’ most infamous servant, Ethan Shroud. But as Pendragon, Brittney and the newly convened Scarlet Legion race to recover the next fragment of “The Crimson Codices,” Vampirella quickly finds her worst fears realized.  Lost, hunted and backed into a corner alone, will she fight to clear her name or merely embrace her dark destiny?  Bet on a fight!

And we continue our best-selling collections with Vampirella Masters Vol. 4: Visionaries TPB continues Dynamite Entertainment’s collections of the very best of Vampirella. Vampirella archives have hit the New York Times Best-Sellers list, and there are more to come!  Volume 4 brings you classic tales spotlighting epic storylines and epic creators from the acclaimed limited series! “New European” by Alan Moore and Gary Frank, “Vampirella of Drakulon” by Forest Ackerman and Mark Texeira, “Looking for Mr. Goodwin” by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, “Sanctuary” by Christopher Priest and Alan Davis, “Lust for Life” by Ty Templeton and Bruce Timm, “The Killing Floor” by Steve Lieber, “Winter Rose” by Liam Sharp, “Matinee” by Michael Golden, “Fantasy Feast” by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, “Angel of Mercy” by Hester and Segovia, all joined by Kurt Busiek and Arthur Adams in a rare tale from the vault of Vampirella called “Bugs”!

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