For those who thought there might be room for two Captain Americas in the Marvel Universe, your hopes may be dashed with the announcement that Captain America becomes Captain America and Bucky with issue #620.

“What was Cap like in the early days, before WWII started? This is a question I’ve wanted to explore for years. And of course, the whole series ties directly into what’s going on in Captain America and Fear Itself, and sets up future plans for [CLASSIFIED],” said Brubaker. “Getting to work with Marc and Chris, of course, is the cherry on top, since they’re both doing brilliant work here.”

Penciled by CHRIS SAMNEE
Variant Cover by MARK BAGLEY
Some heroes are born great and others made great. But a select few must go through hell before they discover what kind of hero they can be. Can Bucky find his place in the Marvel Universe before his past finds him first? Leap into battle with the man who would be the Winter Solder this July when Captain America And Bucky #620 opens a whole new chapter in the history of both Fighting Avengers!


The $2.99 issue arrives in July.

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  1. Stephen yates on

    Setting up for … Classified? It’s like comic Mad Lib – insert useless supposed game-changing threat never-before-seen power. Wow.

  2. Nice to see Bucky keeping his book, even with Steve coming back as Captain America in time for the movie. I’m always up for a well written Timely heroes in WW2 book, so I’m looking forward to it.

  3. If you’re getting rid of Bucky/Cap for the movie then this is the only way I’d be happy with the character is to have him back as “Bucky” even though the code name seems a bit lame.

    Of course, I can’t help but ask…If the whole world knows that Steve Rogers was/is Captain America and James B. Barnes was/is Bucky then why are they both still wearing masks? Tactically speaking I can tell you it’s uncomfortable enough with a balaclava on. It would be hell wearing a full face mask or a domino mask.

  4. Pantsthemonkey on

    At first glance I didn’t think this sounded very good, but I have faith in this creative team. Brubaker could write stories on toilet paper and I would read them. Samnee has quickly become one of my favorite artists. His work on Thor: The Might Avenger was inspired. And I loved Andreyko’s Manhunter so I’m extremely curious to see what he can do when teamed with Bru. I’m on board!

    I guess the only real gripe I can have until the book comes out is their choice in cover artists. Seems a tad unfair to Samnee to put a cover by either McGuinness or Bagley in front of his art. They are both etremely different stylisticly from Samnee and going from cover to interior with that much difference can be a real turn-off to some readers. Especially since Samnee can do great covers. Hopefully it’ll just be a sales ploy for the #1 and they’ll turn it over to Samnee for the rest of the run.

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