COSPLAY: Peter David likes to cosplay


If you went to WonderCon this past weekend, and saw Green Hornet walking around, it may have been writer Peter David.

The reason I was attending Wondercon was that Activision brought me out to promote “Spider-Man: Edge of Time.” Since I was out here on their dime, I wanted to make sure that anyone who wanted to see me had to come to the panel. But I didn’t want to be a prisoner of my hotel room for two days. So I put together a Green Hornet costume and walked around for two days.

David goes on to talk about bumping into convention attendees, and other Green Hornet cosplayers, and no one was the wiser.  This is not the first time celebrities have donned a mask to walk the convention floor – tales of the San Diego Comic Con are filled with tales of Big Name Celebrity getting into the spirit of the show and walking around without an entourage.

For those of you who went to WonderCon, did you see Peter David?  Did you get a picture?  Have you ever run into a celebrity in disguise? And no, robots don’t count…

via Bleeding Cool