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  1. The content of this video is only available for audiences in the United States. Maybe you should use a different video source so your European users, for example like me can watch the video too. :-)

  2. My first impression is Lord of the Rings meets Rankin-Bass, which is not a bad thing. RB’s animation style may have been highly stylized, but the writing was pretty good.

  3. Looks way more epic and unified than the original, and I like the designs. Here’s hoping the series’ writing lives up to the promise of the trailer.

  4. Why do they have to make Lion-O look like such a wiener. In the original he got buff when he hit puberty in the capsule, so hopefully something like this happens? The idea of a flawed hero bums me out. Unknowing or unproven hero, sure. But, “Waaa, I can’t do this alone, wwwwaaaaaaa!” Quit being a wuss.

  5. I think this is a continuation of the Thundercats original series,(tossing out the reforming of Thundera from the first series), I like Mumera’s use of words from the original series “the young whelp”with the young thundercat. That young thundercat looks like Lion-O’s Son. As far as Panthro, one can only wait and see if they have him in the series…. They had Mumera, Slithe, Tygra, Older Lion-O, Cheetara, looked like Wily Kit&Kat, don’t know if the elderly thundercat is Jaga or Lynx-O. Wait and see if they can capture the magic, either better or just as good as the He-Man: Masters of the Universe from 2000-02 that recaptured the magic of the original Filmation 80’s He-Man MOTU and built more upon the mythos of the series…

  6. The only thing I don’t care for (without having seen the show yet, so I know I know) is that if they aren’t having them leave Thundara with Jaga at the helm and basic stable of characters to land in a new planet, New Thundara, then that raises some questions. Like why would you allow Wily Kit and Wily Kat to fight if you have a platoon of soldiers that can fight in their stead? I understand letting Panthro and everyone else fight if you need generals or frontline badasses, but if there are so many people/cats roaming around it takes away from the need of the smaller group. I’m sure they’ll address it and my concerns will probably be unfounded but doesn’t mean I can’t voice them. I loved the original series so I’ll be checking this out either way.

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