Marvel announced that Ed Brubaker and Steve McNiven are teaming up to bring an all new Captain America on-going series to your comic book store starting in July.

Steve Rogers is back as Captain America but when a mysterious figure from his past returns with the Sentinel of Liberty in his crosshairs, deadly secrets will surface—and send shockwaves through the lives of everyone Steve holds dear. An all-new, high octane Captain America series begins here, just in time for the First Avenger’s highly anticipated feature film from Marvel Studios.

“I gave myself a few challenges for this new #1 – I wanted to do the perfect Cap comic for anyone who walks out of the Cap movie and wants to know what’s next, but it also had to build on everything I’ve done on the book beforehand, too, and feel like the natural next step,” explained Brubaker in a prepared statement. “Thank God Brevoort wrangled me Steve McNiven to pull all this off. Steve is at the top of his game, and no one draws action like him. I can’t wait for these issues to start coming out.”

A new number one issue can only mean one thing – a great jumping on point for readers young and old. And the timing is perfect as well, as Captain America: The First Avenger arrives in theaters July 22, 2011. Let’s hope someone smart figures out a way to get the comic book into the movie theater as a give-away/promotion item for those seeing the film. The one-two punch might actually have an impact in the number of people who start reading the book.

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  1. Damn people! I was just getting into the “Steve Rogers: Super Solider” character and Bucky/Cap and now we go back to Steve as Cap. And I am SO Damn TIRED of the phrase “jumping on point”.

  2. As much of a fan as I am of Steve Rogers as Captain America (and that was never in dispute), even I agree with Taz. Marvel made a big deal about Bucky taking on Cap’s legacy and they started Secret Avengers around Steve. But now they are going back to Steve as Cap, mainly (imo) to support their movie. Fail.

  3. (In a sacchariney Pre-K teacher voice) Maybe they can take turns and SHARE the role of Captain America? Sharing is the right thing to do, besides, there is plenty one can do with TWO Captains. Hubba Hubba!

  4. This won’t be a good jumping on point for movie goers unless it is during the war, right? So maybe they will keep both modern characters, Bucky Cap & Super Soldier.

  5. Fucking ‘A. I am a recovering comic book collector. I’ve stopped buying my books and just keeping up on the drama on your terrific website – and THIS is the crap that made me quit. I’m only three months removed, but this alone gives me fuel to keep going.

  6. David, don’t worry I maybe following you as far as quiting collecting comics, not collecting any Marvel titles and one away from stopping collecting DC as well…… Comics have lost their magic……

    • I don’t think comics have “lost their magic”, I just think that many comic book fans have become way too cynical. If they’d lost their magic, people just wouldn’t care, not just I don’t like that and must comment about it, they would just have no interest in any of it at all.

      • That’s why I like Major Spoiliers and their quote “Your mileage may vary” When you have Comic Book companies constantly relaunching comics, changing what those characters have stood for ,Captain America is a good example, one company having a big event in their comics then couple months down the line the other company follows with their own major event, Marvel and DC “Fear Itself{War of the Hammers} and GreenLantern Ring wars”. I know the whole sake of arguement over keeping the character fresh for newer generations. Maybe for me it’s burnout, my intrests maybe a changing and the whole cynic part is a clue that I’ve gotten too old to cut the mustard. When you talk of comic book fans being way too cynical maybe that’s because the comics themselves have become that way as well. So I find myself not going forward with newer comics anymore, I read the older comics some way before my time and there the magic lives on.

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