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  1. Why does it have to be so dark in tone? Damn. The comic is not that dark. Oa why does it look the way it does? Can’t they just look at the comic and see how it is or are we just starting out with something basic? I just dont know. I see disappointment coming my way. So is this gonna be the fall of Sinestro or is that gonna come later? Too many questions that will not get answered I am sure.

  2. steve cranshaw on

    Too much CGI-Candy. Suffers from the ‘taking itself to seriously’ syndrome. Comics should be fun.

  3. other than superman every comic movie/superhero movie they make is going to try to be dark cause of batman

  4. Well, the video contrasts in tone to the first trailer they released. It was all Ryan, little story. At least this version has a change in tone. And the movie is practically 90% CGI anyways. Which all of it was pretty impressive from what they showed off here. If I had seen this video before the first trailer, I’d have been excited to see the movie instead of being underwhelmed by the first trailer.

  5. My lord, a movie about a group of aliens making all kinds of green energy constructs projected from rings has a lot of CGI! Egads, what are the odds of that?

  6. I’d have no problem if he was called Guy Gardner, but oh well. Even in the trailer, I didn’t care for the crap going on with Hal, I wanted more of the Corps, that seems to be more interesting.

  7. Wow,a lot of criticisms for a movie not even out yet!This is only a trailer from a comic show,so its probably a copy.I’m sure the movie itself will not be as dark.As for the CGI,how else are they to depict some of the aliens seen in the GL comic?You want Tomar-Re looking human but with a latex mask on to show his face?Kilowogg??The only way to depict these aliens IS CGI!The power of a GL is only limited by his imagination.Apparently alot of you cynics have none.
    Give it a chance when it comes out,or better yet be cheap and wait til its out on DVD so you can get it from Blockbuster.Me,I’m going to the theatre to see it!

  8. This looks a-ma-zing. Thought it almost quite moving when Hal spoke the oath.

    I know the film isn’t out yet so it’s hard to judge, but from my perspective it looks like the producers have done a brilliant job of translating a comic into a movie that could have quite broad appeal.

    Looking forward to it!

      • i think he is more hal than guy. guy can be brutish i dont see reynolds with that feature. i think hes playing a smartass cocky stick jockey and ive met fighter pilots that are exactly that.

  9. Perhaps I missed something, but where are the Guardians? Are they not depicted in the mythology? It was cool to see more of Sinestro, depicted as the Green Lanterns’ leader, but I was curious where the little blue guys went . . . or are they all in the Smurfs this summer?

    • i was wondering that myself. that footage almost made it seem as though they were not there and that sinestro is in charge.

      • I wonder if this movie paves way for the Guardians’ return. Someone mentioned Oa looks like a dark and somewhat uninviting place. Maybe the Guardians return somehow and displace Sinestro as the leader, paving the way for his fall from the Corps.

        • It seems like we meet the corps at the tail end of some huge event… maybe the Guardians have gone into hiding and Sinestro has taken charge….

          I have to say, I wish they’d shown something like this earlier. It has changed my mood about this film from indifferent to somewhat interested. It looks like we’ve seen a lot of the good stuff but not ALL of the good stuff… I think I might actually go see this in theaters now.

    • One of the toys presented at Wondercon 11 is a Guardian bound by yellow energy chains, so I think we’ll probably see the arrogant smurfs in the movie.

  10. I’m a much bigger GL fan than Thor or Cap America… but I wasn’t excited about the GL movie… very skeptical. I thought based on what I’ve seen of footage/trailers, that Cap and Thor would be better than GL. Now I’m not so sure. GL might be the hero movie to beat for the Summer. Looks good. I’m on the GL bandwagon now. Good stuff.

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