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In this issue: New Magic: The Gathering set announced, Stephen proposes a theory for a story for the movie Skyline, and shrimp tacos. Oh, yeah. We’re going there.


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  1. Great episode, as always. I liked your theory of SKYLINE Stephen, and sounds like you put way too much thought into that movie, more so than it’s creators. And a special thanks go out to Matthew who made the eternal link between A Grilled Stuffed Beef Burrito and the Dog Food aisle, thanks Mr. Peterson!

    • Stephen, that movie was horrendous. I can see why you look at it that way as it hurt my brain. I actually had to apologize to the girl who I bought a ticket for as it was the worst way for us to spend time. :)

  2. Rodrigo, I do the exact same thing in restaurants–if someone at my table orders the meal I wanted, I will often change it. For the exact same reason! It’s gratifying to know I’m not the only one.

  3. I do the same thing — unless my heart was really set on the meal, then I belittle my companion, saying they’re just copying me, that surely they must have overheard what I was I going to order, thus making them the one with little imagination, not me.

    I can be trivial sometimes.

  4. HIGHLY disagree on your analysis of customer relations. The reason that customers tend to react more strongly to representatives is because they are subject to fewer and fewer truly human interactions.

    I’ve had far too many experiences where my calls have been dropped, where I’ve been in circular call handling hell, where I’ve found myself passed around like a hot potato, and where I’ll speak to one very pleasant person who extols the many special deals available that the next person I speak with has never heard of and cannot access.

    I’ve worked with many corporations and now work with a mega-mega corporation. The reality is that the people at the top almost always have very little idea how their policies look once it gets past the first few tiers of management. So a “high level, strategic decision” at the top generally gets down to the bottom as “make sure you promise nothing, don’t support your first-line reps, and care very little about keeping the customers you have.” Nowhere is this more present than in telecommunications.

    I have whole a series of horror stories with Sprint and Time Warner that I can relate to those who actually care for that sort of thing

  5. When Steven tries to do his super serious voice when he’s reviewing Skyline it makes him sound like the most skin crawlingly right wing or left wing radio host. PLEASE NEVER AGAIN. Also love the podcast keep up the good work.

    • Tries to do? TRIES TO DO!? Sir, I’ll have you know that my serious voice will make a grown man break down and cry… but yes, the point was to make me sound like a (insert political affiliation) here… :P

  6. Great episode. I really like these free form weekend episodes. It’s always especially fun to hear Rodrigo’s ideas on non-comic related things. I had been meaning to write in to ask whether he was rooting for the Mirrans or the Phyrexians. Personally I had been rooting for the Mirrans, because I have been having a lot of fun with my Myr Tribal deck, and I figured it would more support in Mirrodin Pure than Pew Phyrexia.

    • MORE support, maybe. But if you look at ‘besieged’ there are already a few phyrexian aligned myr, so I think the next set will probably include some new, spooky myr for you.

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