Wow.  Image Comics just caused me a moments pause with mouth agape with this image teasing something interesting going on in Invincible in 2012.

What does it mean, Robert Kirkman? What does it mean!?

Let the speculation spectacular begin!

Of course it is still April 1st…

I’m also betting that if you are at WonderCon, you’ll get some more answers.


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  1. Honestly if they wanted to do an alternate earth Invincible for a year I’d be cool with that.
    Or even have this be a legacy character, cause Mark in and of himself, not a favorite character of mine.

  2. Ooh! I got it!

    Mark’s trying to get into Harvard Law, but his dad spends all of the money that he would’ve spent paying for it on parties (because his psychiatrist told him to!), so Mark decides to get a scholarship but the only one available is just for blacks. So, he decides to use tanning pills in a greater dosage than described to appear African-American and, only once he arrives at Harvard Law, he comes to realize that the people there see him only by his skin color and not by his actual merits.

    (Oh, and as a subplot, he falls in love with the girl who would’ve gotten the scholarship had he not cheated with the pills …)

    … am I close?

    • They should totally turn that into a movie, that sounds like a great film with very little chance to be offensive in any way. I’d love to see it.

  3. That’s Agent Invincible from Astounding Wolf-Man, it looks like him anyway. He can’t die, his body can get split up but it’ll reheal together or something. He said his codename was Invincible pre-Mark.

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