Remember when Leonard Nimoy said he was retiring from acting, then he showed up on Fringe?  Yeah… good times. Remember, after his appearances on Fringe, he said he was retiring again?  Turns out the script for Transformers: Dark of the Moon is so F-ing incredible that Nimoy has come out of retirement to provide the voice of Sentinel Prime.

This isn’t the first time the thespian (it’s another word for actor your giggling pervs!) has dipped his toes into the Transformers universe.  Those of you old enough to remember the 1986 movie already know that Nimoy voiced Galvatron in the movie that killed Optimus Prime on screen… oh, right… SPOILERS!  Too late?  Too bad. That movie came out 25 years ago.

We only have to wait until July 1st to see Transformers: Dark of the Moon in theaters.

Who’s going?

via Entertainment Weekly



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  1. litanyofthieves on

    This is the exact same trick they pulled with Peter Cullen in the first movie that got me to go see it. Sorry, once bitten, twice shy. It’s going to take a lot more than that to make me reconsider after the two stinkpiles that came before.

  2. Steven Allen on

    The first animated transformers movie will always be my favorite. the death of optimus prime sequence is one of the best .”You’ve got the touch!”

  3. Overall I’ve enjoyed the first couple TF movies. They certainly aren’t filled with great acting, but it’s giant transforming robots and that’s just fun. I’ll go see the newest as I’m sure my 7 year old son won’t let me NOT go. LOL.

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