Been pretty busy today with some other things that need to take priority, but I did manage to see the new Wonder Woman costume worn by Adrianne Palicki on the set of the Wonder Woman television series.

Most of the problems people had with the original costume have been tweaked, refined, or fixed.

  • Boots – no more high heels
  • Pants – no longer shiny
  • Boots – RED!

What do you think now?

via Topless Robot


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  1. I was among those who didn’t completely hate on the orignal uniform design and do support Ms. Palicki as WW. It just needed some adjusments as it did look more like a Halloweeen Party costume or some fan-designed cosplay project.

    Pants- The darker navy blue pants really make the difference.
    I still would have had white stars on the pants, regardless of the sky blue or navy blue colors.

    Red Stars- I’d have only gone with the single star on the Tiara. All those red stars kinda make her look like a Pinko Commie sympathizer. But it looks lke they are going with the red and gold tiara theme overall.

    Boots – Changing it to red was a nice classic touch. I actually wouldn’t have porblem if it was matching blue boots. It also looks like they went with a lower profiled heel…awesome! Makes more pratcial sense.

    Ms. Palicki looks great in action. Wow she is really a tall Amazonian Warrior!

  2. Now that the boots are red… they’re shiny. :) Just kidding, I’m sure it will look fine in action on the screen. I have the same problem when looking at screenshots of videogames… stills of things that are supposed to be in motion just don’t look as good as they do when they are actually in motion.

  3. Keith Blankenship on

    I like the changes that they made but I am still not sold on the headband, it still looks funny. I am looking foward to the show and hope they do a good job.

  4. MUCH better. Metal still looks a little plasticky, but probably won’t, in motion. MUCH more willing to give this one a try. Though I still prefer the greecian-armor-esque costume someone linked to on the other article. So it’s still a little silly, but in a still photo, who DOESN’T look sill yin a Wonder Woman costume?

  5. It is awfull. Thank god I dont have cable. I wont watch it. Give me back Linda Carter. Even with that this looks nothing like Wonder Woman in the comic book. There is not strength, no definition, no power. It looks like some one running around in a halloween costume. It is bad. She actually looks scared in the pictures. I hope this gets ended soon.

  6. A vast improvement in both costume and photography over the last image we saw. She looks a lot more like a modern day WW when she is in motion. Even if she does have a funny, disgruntled look on her face.

  7. Antonio Sanciolo on

    Really happy with the direction her lower half is going in… not sold on the pleather bustier; Rodrigo’s Xena style would hit the spot me thinks.

  8. The gold parts are still too plastic-looking, but much better than the original picture.

    In fact, the pictures here are so much better than that original publicity still that I’m wondering if we’re being set up. Like that original costume, the pilot script that’s been circulating also looks pretty awful, and I’m wondering if the TPTB connected with the show are intentionally putting out this dreck so that what really ends up on the screen will look better by comparison. Lowering expectations is an old trick and I’m wondering if it’s being played on us right now.

  9. thomas r carter on

    If you take an image of Lynda Carter and place it against an image of the new wonder woman and you see everything wrong with the reboot. Wonder Woman has always been a celebration of the ability to be feminine and stand out in all ways as a powerful , equal and competitive way with the male hero image. Her most outstanding quality as a hero has always been that she sees the world as a woman does and not as a world she must hammer into subjugation like men, be they hero or villain always do,. The new image of wonder woman is in itself a subjugation of what Wonder Woman stands for and you have instead created a female version of a male hero image. I hope this series fails and this image fades forever.

  10. G4 said that was the first of a few improvements… So here’s hoping the premise gets cleaned up a little bit and becomes more Wonder Woman-y and less of a random female superhero that is called Wonder Woman..

  11. Much better..
    Still have problem with naked shoulder though but that’s probably because I am a conservative one. Some straps in the shoulder like in the comics perhaps?

  12. I’ve just seen the other photos on set from CraveOnline and MovieWeb.
    I’m sold.

    Btw, the stuntwoman seemed look more like Wonder Woman compare to Palicki.

  13. Better but still not convinced. A dark blue leather (like the dark red leather they used in the Ben Affleck Daredevil movie) would be better. Of course will still definitely watch the pilot.

  14. I hate to be a nit-picker. So I won’t!
    I like it a lot. It looks like it will look good in action. She is VERY recognizable as Wonder Woman.
    So now I want to wait and watch the show. See how the acting, writing, production, etc are.
    I’m looking forward to it.

  15. meh, its better, but somethings not right. maybe its just the shot of her in mid angry run. i dont expect much from this show.

  16. Costume has been mullet-ized? Playboy bunny on top; toy soldier / hotel bellboy on bottom? Doesn’t look consistent to me…

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