Does a rookie Justice League stand a chance against the likes of Doomsday and Eclipso? Find out after the jump. . .

Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Brett Booth
Inker: Norm Rapmund
Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Cover Artist: Brett booth and Andrew Dalhouse
Editor: Eddie Berganza
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $2.99

Previously in JLA: Last issue we saw Eclipso, back with his original host, start collecting a group of shadow powered people so he can take on the Emerald City, the one created by Alan Scott and the Starheart a few issues ago, of the moon. His team includes, The Shade, Shadow Thief, Nightshade and a few others that I don’t specifically recognize. Before that, or more likely at about the same time, the League had just dealt with the Omega Man and the bubble of Washington DC. During that fight the “evil” part of Supergirl came out and now Dark Supergirl is the one in charge and has asked Grayson for a favor after helping to free DC.


Jade and Jessie Quick (I think I prefer Liberty Bell better) are visiting the bed ridden Alan Scott, the former to help him, the latter seeking a father-figure, when he senses danger to his city – Eclipso’s attack. Meanwhile, Batman is following through on his promise to Supergirl,  to destroy what is left of New Krypton so she can put it in her past, which really doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but whatever. Out there they meet Alpha-Lantern Boodikk,  who is there to survey what’s left. After a mostly awkward introduction between her and Supergirl they are ambushed by Doomsday. While trying to deal with Doomsday, the heroes realize he is after the Lantern and not the girl with the S-shield on her chest, but don’t know why.

Meanwhile, on the Moon. Jade has Jessie get her father out of there, which Jessie apparently appreciates because while no one else can tell, she feels herself getting slower (I have no idea where that came from either). Bounce back and Batman calls in some help from Starman who, since the teleporter can’t get a straight lock on Boodikka for whatever reason, charges Doomsday. Doomsday smacks him away and suddenly he’s caught by . . . Saint Walker? The Blue Lantern? Um, why? Batman has the unconscious Alpha and Doomsday is charging, so the “Dark” Supergirl forces herself between the two to prevent Batman’s death and the teleporter catches the three heroes before Doomsday does.

Back to the moon, again. Donna is tangling with Eclipso’s forces. Did I mention Donna was on the moon? No? That’s because this hadn’t been mentioned until now anyhow. After a bit more back and forth, with not enough time to establish anything for either, we get two reveals, first that Jade has been possessed by Eclipso, that story will continue next month, and second that Boodikka was possessed by the Cyborg Superman which continues in Batman/Superman Annual.


Superman killing power houses and Cthuloid beasts galore adorn the pages and they all look rather good. In fact everything in here is solid and crisp. I do like the cool design for the Bat-Space Suit and even Jesse looks good. In fact all of my complaints for anything here are completely unrelated to the artist of the book and are problems I have with the current state of different characters.


Both stories are reasonably well written, unfortunately we flip back and forth between the two stories throughout. If both of these were pertinent to the overall plot of the book I would be happy with it, but the Doomsday plot feels so forced into what was going on that it is just off-putting. I am unsure as to why Jesse is losing her speed, or why she’s so closed down about it. Also, there is a point where Dick calls Kara his little sister. Did I miss something in one of the random Super or Bat books I don’t get, ’cause last I knew she was crushing on him and this seems a bit weird now. Anyhow, this book has me so conflicted that I’m not sure what to give it. When I enjoyed something, it really hit, but when I didn’t enjoy something I just didn’t know what to think. I guess this would be 2.5 out of 5 stars then.

Rating: ★★½☆☆


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  1. I caught this issue and I agree with you on the plot, Rob. There is a LOT crammed into this issue and if you didn’t know how a Blue Lantern’s powers work (ain’t worth diddly unless they’re up a Green Lantern’s keister) the religious guy with the head shaped like a giant sperm suddenly asking “How fast can you fly?” wouldn’t make much sense. Which, of course, leads to a TON of other questions: Does the Starheart energies affect Blue Lantern rings the same as Green Lantern Power Battery energy? Why does his face look like a softball? If Jade is a combination of GL and Starheart green light energy how could she be possessed by Eclipso, especially if she was able to “balance” her brother Obsidian’s powers? And what the hell is the deal with “Dark Supergirl?” Does Norman Osborne have anything to do with her? And why is Congorilla laid out on the cover when he’s not even in the book that I could see?

    Aside from all that, Jessie Quick hasn’t been long transferred from the JSA to the JLA and all of a sudden there’s something going on with her connection to the Speed Force and she’s portrayed as being a lost little “daddy’s girl” after years of being written as the confident and tough Liberty Belle?

    The art was very, very good in this issue and the action scenes and details were well rendered, such as Supergirl’s (Dark Supergirl? Kara Jor-El? Power Girl with smaller boobs?) reaction when she thinks Dick-Bat has been “blowed up real good” in the middle of space and Doomsday making a new entrance to the Watchtower.

    I don’t think I’ll be busting my butt to get the Superman/Batman title that covers the Doomsday crossover but I’ve got so many questions as to what they’re getting to I’ll be getting JLA #56 if for no other reason than curiosity.

  2. brainypirate on

    I don’t understand why Jessie lost her pants, and that bothers me more than her losing her speed. Why must she be in a bikini trunk instead of in full leggings???

  3. Aaron Rasmussen on

    I really don’t understand why Jessie is losing her powers either. If she loses her speed, will she still have her Liberty Bell powers? I also hate all these crossover events’ It used to be fun when a crossover event happened, because they didn’t happen every week in 30 different books. I refuse to buy a book that I don’t normally just because it’s part of a crossover. Anyway, James Robinson is soooo much a better writer than this ( Examples: Starman, Shade miniseries ) I don’t know if it’s editorial mandate or he has just ran out of good stories. I’m thrilled he chose to put Donna on the team, but, I wish she was characterized better. Donna has always been the sweet nurturer of the Titans and now she just wants to beat the crap out of everyone? Not buying it.

  4. I hated it when everyone started writing 6 issue storylines – now they’re going for 6 issues and an annual? Beautfiul art. Horrible writing structure. Very torn.

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