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Celestial Crusade

This episode: What’s up with Orem and Randus? You’ll find out in this thrilling episode that is sure to thrill!


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  1. Always fun to start a session with a battle, and with pirates no less!
    Also, Minions getting blown away, awesome!
    I liked the Manta Ray entrance to, nothing like a good little flavor

  2. Regarding the person asking about the map of the Nentir Vale (Keep on the Shadowfell, etc), There’s a map in the back of the DMG I, page 206.

  3. Thanks, I Love the show!

    I think a good topic to cover would be, the different types of damage and how resistances work.

    I’d love to leave a five star review on iTunes, but can’t bring myself to do it when you guys ask for “five star reviews”. Just ask people to leave a review, It’s easily the best running D&D postcast out there and you deserve five stars!

  4. The tiniest pirate made me laugh, I kept imagining like 12 dragonborn with cimitars and Tiny Tim with a butter knife fight along side them

    • Not to steal his thunder, as that would end me like a certain individual that gave fire to us humans. But yes it is, one of Rodrigo’s fantastic props. It helps keep one in character to have a physical reference for certain things. Also to have a written description of your character/magic items to keep reminding you how awesome your character is. Hmm maybe I should do so for myself on characters I play.

  5. Erm forgive my cousin’s nat20 comment. He grabbed my iPad while I was in the shower and has been dealt with my monkey lizards.

    Kudos on the Hawksbill ep! Awesome as usual!

  6. Arg, you guys are killing me! Ha, I love the show, and I have really enjoyed the action packed last few episodes. I think that y’all may have made a reference to an emailed question of mine this episode, and I feel like I may have gotten agonizingly close to getting an answer. I sent in a question regarding where I can find the basic info on how to play a bard in 4e, and Stephen asked “have we already talked about bards?” to which Rodrigo replied with a swift and sadly sure “yes.” Your discussion about bards was mostly about why to play them or not, with no clues on where to find more about them. A moment later Stephen mentioned that one of your listeners had gotten started in roleplaying with TMNT and Other Strangeness, which I mentioned in that very same email. So, I am wondering if my question finally game ohh so close to an on-air response only to be lost at the last moment.

    Anyway, keep up the great work guys! Your antics help keep me sane on my daily commute. I only wish there was more Critical Hit to help fill up the week.

  7. Kenneth Celius Pettersen on

    Started listening to your show early March, caught up now, only thing I don’t like about it is having to wait for new episodes.
    It really is great getting to listen to your game while in between sessions of my own, maybe I should start from ep. 1 again.

    keep up the good work.

    Randus is great (as well is Orem and Ket) but Torq is the best. Funnel cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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