Marvel just released a sneak peek of The Mighty Thor #1 brought to you by the creative team of Matt Fraction and Olivier Coipel.

Pencils & Cover by OLIVIER COIPEL
Variant Cover by TRAVIS CHAREST
Variant Cover by WALT SIMONSON
Blank Variant Cover also available
Thor Movie Variant also available
Thor has ushered in a bold new era for the kingdom of Asgard. But when the Silver Surfer suddenly appears to herald the arrival of Galactus in the Odinson’s realm, can the combined might of Thor and his brethren push back the devourer of worlds? World Tree, prepare to meet the World Eater in this terrific starting point.

The $3.99 issue arrives April 27, 2011.

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  1. If Betta Ray Bill could defeat Galactus by himself I see no reason why Thor and the Odinpower would have any difficulty.

    Though it is Fraction writing it so I may pick it up anyway.

    • Accident Avoidance on

      Beta Ray Bill couldn’t overpower the Silver Surfer in the Godhunter mini, much less Galactus. He was an insect able to attack Galactus’ food source, and Galactus was already running on near empty after Annihilation.

      Beta Ray Bill’s Godhunter tactics would amount the nothing in this instance.

  2. Surfer! Galactus! The all new Job squad!

    Of course they’re going to loose, and loose bad. Either someone will steal surfers powers, or Thor will call upon some mysterious force which will summon a lightening bolt or something which will fall Galactus. Or Galactus, being the cosmic diabetic he is, will be driven into some kind of hunger-driven stupor…and so on.

    Surfer and Galactus only work in their own comics…when they’re used like this, it’s to prop up either a hero (ooo, look how bad-arse he is for downing galactus), or a baddie (a-la Chaos war).

    Btw. the way in which Beta Ray “beat” Galactus wouldn’t work here…unless Thor plans on blowing up Asgard.

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