Ever since I spied Playboy Playmate of the Year on G4TV’s Attack of the Show, I was instantly smitten.  While Olivia Munn may have tempted me in the past, Sara Jean Underwood’s spirit and delivery (often gaff filled with hilarious results) have skyrocketed her to the top of my Must See TV Women.  While Munn may parade around in her Wonder Woman costume and jump in giant chocolate pies, I think I’d rather see Underwood stroll through a Quick Stop in her own superhero getup.

I don’t get to watch Attack of the Show as much as I want, so I don’t know if this bit aired yet or not, as my son is more interested in Phineas and Ferb reruns, than a geeky pop culture show with cute girls on it.


Link bait?  I have no idea what you are talking about… I do know Underwood should have been offered the co-host position over the Munn replacement the show has on now.

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  1. Blackthunder01 on

    I’m a huge fan of Sara Jean but I’m not a fan of these “any hero” costumes. If this was a character they created and were rolling with, that’d be fine but I’m not a fan of generic costumes for the sake of being generic.

  2. This bit has aired recently (last week maybe). It was a character they came up with for the show called “Bustice” (play on words: Busty + Justice). She uses her boobs as weapons – either to knock out a criminal, played by Casey Schreiner, or to smother said criminal into submission. You can view the sketch here: http://www.g4tv.com/videos/51795/bustice-starring-sara-underwood/

    I have a hard time deciding if I like Candace Bailey or current co-host Sara Underwood better. They both have strong skills for the co-host gig. I do agree that Sara has good comedic timing, and is fun to have on the show. I stopped watching while Munn was on, because the content was bad, annoying, and humiliating to watch as they pandered to an audience below the show’s potential. Once they started trying out different co-hosts, the content improved, and after they chose a co-host, the chemistry between Kevin and Candace added heaps of fun to the show. Candace seems to have chemistry with ALL of the personalities on the show. It’s great to watch her and Chris Gore talk about movies, because she actually knows what she talks about! Same thing with her and Chris Hardwick, she knows the tech their reviewing, even has some off-script observations of her own to add to the reviews. Candace is a breath of fresh air compared to Munn-era AOTS. Candace at least has first hand knowledge and enthusiasm about the stuff they discuss on the show, unlike Munn who didn’t know much of anything, and was just there to be eye candy to lure us nerds in.

    Currently, AOTS feels like a bunch of friends who get paid to hang out and goof off, similar to how the show felt in the early days (I miss you Sarah Lane!). Is it so wrong that Candace doesn’t have as much of an “eye candy” factor compared to Sara, is that why you don’t like the show’s choice of co-host? I can’t comment as much on the Sara-Kevin chemistry as she isn’t on the show as much as the Candace-Kevin combo, but I don’t think they chose a “bad” co-host in any way. I appreciate AOTS’s effort in making the show smart and having something to offer besides T & A.

    • For me, it isn’t an eye-candy thing with Candace, she just doesn’t click, and her timing is often so off, I sit there wondering if she hasn’t pre-read the script or is on something. She has her moments, and I think any choice is better than Munn (don’t let Olivia know I said that…), but between the two, I think Sara and Kevin are a much better duo in the funny-ha-ha department, which is why I watch the show, not for the tech news because… well there is that whole Internet thing that covers stuff hours and hours before it appears on the TV.

  3. I’ve tried to watch Attack of the Show on multiple occasions and I never understood what exactly it was supposed to be about. It always felt like some people got into a local access station and accidentally found the record button and just ran with it. I still don’t know what it’s supposed to be about. Oh well, it must not be for me then.

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