Wonder Woman is getting the Tee-Vee treatment, with Adrianne Palicki cast as the Amazon Princess, and Elizabeth Hurley as the villain Veronica Cale.  Surprisingly, or not surprisingly, depending on how far down the road you can see, David E. Kelley’s version of the DC Comics hero got a costume change.


What do you think of the new Wonder Woman costume for the NBC television series?

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If you want to see the full version of the costume, make with the clicky-clicky.


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  1. I’ll just copy paste my original comments:

    This is a joke right? It looks like a cheap halloween costume you bought for 10$… She looks how Laura Prepon would if disguised as WW for that 70′s Show.

    Let me get this straight, no super powers as far as we know, no magical background, an urban setting and they felt that keeping the costume would be a good idea? I was expecting something that looked like a strong material with the WW colors and logo that covered/protected more of the body. She’s supposed to be a successful business woman (hence well known) and she expect people not to recognize her if she’s walking around wearing bright latex?

    P.S. The boots should be red, they look odd as the same color as the pants.

  2. It’s the pants that are ruining it for me. Everything else is OK (not good, not awesome, not great, just OK).
    I would prefer something closer to the leather jacket and pants costume that was used in the comic recently.

    But I guess when it comes to a high-profile female character in a mostly male fandom anything less than booty shorts and a revealing (I’m a terrible girly girl… What is that top? a bustier? a corset? I have no idea) and it sucks.

  3. I personally like the new costume; I feel like, while it will likely alienate some of the comic fanbase (as we’ve seen in these comments already), it is an attractive and quite accessible costume for mainstream audiences.

    Wonder Woman is an iconic character, and this costume does a good job of keeping several important elements of that character (the eagle, the red and blue, the bracelets). I personally would’ve preferred if they had used the jacket from the comic along with it–the top just doesn’t seem like a reasonable thing for an individual to wear, especially if they’re supposedly going a more realistic / less super-heroic route with the show.

    • “while it will likely alienate some of the comic fanbase (as we’ve seen in these comments already), it is an attractive and quite accessible costume for mainstream audiences.”

      What’s the point of making a series about an already existing character if you’re gonna alienate your fan base? I get that fans of WW alone won’t keep the show going (I was part of the “We’ll follow Angel to Hell… or another network” campaign and we failed…sigh) and that going mainstream is vital for a show but how do they expect to get anywhere if you don’t even have that automatic viewership in the form of WW fans?

      • What’s the point of making a series about an already existing character if you’re gonna alienate your fan base?

        Wonder Woman’s comic sells 20,000 copies. They don’t care if they alienate 20,000 people if it gets them 175,000 viewers.

        • Wouldn’t having a starting group of viewers be a good thing thou? Why call it WW if you don’t want the fans/people who know the character to watch it? Why not just make it an original character?

  4. Blackthunder01 on

    As of right now, I don’t care for the look of this costume for THIS show. I think it could possibly have a place somewhere, but I don’t think this is it. I voted for “I’ll wait and see” because I’ve changed my mind before … I might just do it again once I see it in action. Looking at a picture of something against a white back drop doesn’t provide context, movement, or anything more than a “HERE IT IS” look at things.

  5. I voted Hate It. Well because pants on WW are something I don’t like, could’ve looked like Xena, or like the Linda Carter costume, not this Halloween Party trash. The actress isn’t right, she looks like she’s wearing a wig, and as Navarre has poisoned my mind, her face looks like a pancake, and has no features to it. I may hate it, and when I watch it with me thinking it’s bad, and it’s not that bad, well it will be a improvement.

  6. I’ll wait and see if the costume will fit the tone of the show. If you don’t count the shiny pants I quite like the costume

  7. A thought looking at this picture. It looks like they used makeup and lighting to emphasize the roundness Adrianne Palicki’s face. It reminds me a bit of the early golden-age Wonder Woman, who was often drawn with a rounder face. Personally I really like the look.
    I voted wait and see. This is a still publicity shot. I want to see her in action in the costume before I make up my mind.

  8. Sometimes, I think you put these polls up just to see us rant about how we hate it so you can look like the reasonable ones. ;p

    Seriously, the thing that ruins the costume is the color scheme of the pants and boots. Making them both blue is horrid. If the pants had to be blue, then the boots should have been red. Maybe even add some white stars to the pants too. Or even just turn the pants black.

  9. Gonna have to wait and see. Under the “photoshoot”-style lighting, the costume looks incredibly plastic-y and fake. Under the “Heroes-style grim & gritty” lighting (which is what I’m assuming the show will look like), who knows, it might actually work.

  10. Love it. I think it will look very good in action, especially with post-production take into account.

    My only complaint is the make-up: It appears to be chosen to match an artistic rendering of the character, and will not translate well on an actress in hi-resolution still photos. On the thumbnail image it doesn’t look bad at all…but on the hi-res it makes her look as if she’s trying on mom’s makeup, so the effect is jarring.

    I’m trusting the production department on this one.

  11. ClubberLang6 on

    The costume looks totally impracticable. How does one fight crime in such a tight suit? I was really hoping for more of a Xena feel.

  12. too shiny. too plasticy. color scheme is off. she looks like a stripper hired to work some booth at a con or something.

  13. steven allen on

    I don’t like it. Too shiny and the actress need to at least look somewhat european/greek Yes she’s very photogenic but she has hollywood looks. Oh well. we’ll all just have to wait and see.And no red boots? Major Fail. Peace!

  14. I’m going with I’ll wait and see. Remember people this is just a press shot. There’s no guarantee that this is what the costume will look like once it’s on film, in motion, and touched up. It’s like the shots everyone saw of Thors costume, motionless it looked plastic too, but in the trailer it looks natural for the character. Same with Green Lantern. That Entertainment Weekly cover made the costume look absolutely horrible, but in the trailer it looks like it fits the aesthetic of the movie pretty well. So, with that being said. I say let it be until the first promo videos come out.

  15. I don’t know. Makes her look like a cheap hooker in a halloween costume. Of course, Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman outfit made her look like a cheap hooker in a halloween costume, only nobody noticed because they were too busy oogling her hooters.

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