For those of you with D&D Insider accounts, Wizards of the Coast today launched the D&D Monster Builder, which should satisfy some, and anger others… because you can’t make everyone happy, it’s the rule of the Intardwebz.

Today, Wizards of the Coast launched the brand new D&D Monster Builder as part of the new web-based Adventure Tools suite for D&D Insider:

D&D Insider subscribers can explore all the latest monsters right now by logging in to their D&DI account and clicking on the Adventure Tools button.

Here are some additional highlights:

  • New Design: Completely redesigned, the new Monster Builder will debut with 3,700 monsters – including Dark Sun Creature Catalog and Monster Vault entries.
  • No Download: The Monster Builder is served from the D&D site
  • PC and Mac Compatible: Requires an Internet connection and Silverlight plug-in
  • Import Function: You can easily import your content created in the previous version to the new version
  • Save Functionality: All content you create is saved to our database and is accessible through your D&D Insider account

via Wizards of the Coast



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  1. Great idea save for the onsight and no Download, thanks but no I’ll stick to the pad, pencil, and some of the orginal D&D books, plus a wealth of imagination….

  2. too little too late. wheres the virtual table top.. why am i paying a monthly fee for half a tool set, and magazines that they dont even call magazines anymore because they cant get the articles out on time or at all. essentials was broken 4.5 crap. stop making board games. no one wants your money grabbing fortune card bullshit. stop making shit for your crappy online service and make some actual tabletop rpg
    infact, fuck WoTC the DCI system is a joke. they dont support the home games. if you run a store game have fun reporting on that piece of shit website of theirs. Encounters are boring and repeat from season to season. No Mini’s? are you fucking serious? we couldnt keep them on the shelves at our store…. even after the quality started to go down hill.

    im selling my 4th stuff and going to Pathfinder. im sick of the shenanigans.

    • One of the big reasons i started playing 4.o was Critical Hit, But in the last tow months we have also gone back to 3.5. Will be Patfinding as soon as the extra cash allows.

  3. I agree with Matthew, Wizards has really screwed up, or they have been screwing up since they introduced essentials in my opinion. Anyway I liked the original off-line character builder, so I’ll keep using that and neglect renewing my subscription to the insider

    • Agreed, and I’m not even playing with anybody. I like having my character builder on the laptop that I can goof off and create characters whenever I feel like it.

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