Marvel released a sneak peek of Avengers #12.1 by Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch. Take the jump for a look at the book that arrives in April.

AVENGERS #12.1 (FEB110529)
Pencils & Cover by BRYAN HITCH
The road to the next great Avengers’ epic starts right here with a perfect starting point for new readers in this special POINT ONE issue! Steve Rogers has directed each of Earth’s Mightiest super-teams into the midst of a heated battle against the globe’s smartest super-villains! But as the forces of S.W.O.R.D. descend to deliver an ominous warning and their former agent Spider-Woman goes missing, one thing seems all too clear for the assembled heroes – war is coming! POINT ONE fires the opening salvo of Bendis’ most devastating Avengers story yet, only in Avengers #12.1!

The $2.99 issue arrives April 27, 2011.

via Marvel


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  1. The whole Bucky/Cap/Winter Solider in prison thing is distracting. Makes me wonder if he’s even in this issue or is that just a standard Marvel cover of “folks we think will sell”?

    However, the panel of all the “Old School” Jack Kirby evildoers does look fun.

  2. Smoothesuede on

    I’m willing to bet Bucky’s in the issue. Bendis has this nasty habit of not paying attention to other books- and his editors have a nasty habit of letting him get away with it.

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