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The wait is over, “Blood Light” is back and better then before with longer episodes, the same comedic creativity, and a few new faces that will keep us all on the edge of our seats waiting to see what’s to come. After launching the first 5-episodes in September of 2010, “Blood Light” has gained great momentum and a loyal fan base in the short time it has been running.

“Blood Light” is centered on the premise that “This is NOT a show about vampires; it’s a show about people who happen to be vampires.” Two recently turned Vampires, Alex and Ethan, struggle with the realization that being a Vampire is not as ‘cool’ as it seems. Along with Connor, their human friend who pretends to be a Vampire to get woman to sleep with him, they soon realize that death sucks just as much as life.

“Blood Light”, created by Jared Stern, satirizes both the ordinary and extraordinary by placing mythical creatures in a mundane world. With sharp satire, great dialogue, and a talented, high-energy cast, “Blood Light” leaves its audience thirsting for more. All new video pieces are available to view at as well further information about the subjects, blogs, and Blood Light news.


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  1. I’ve been watching Blood Light since its first episode. Each episode that follows shows ever-increasing writing quality, production value, and acting skill. Most of all…It’s funny!

    The vampire angle, played out in most other series, here serves as a metaphor for the excuses and poor choices everyday people make in the lives. The dynamic between the characters is as familiar as our own lives yet provided that narrative twist through their vampiric condition.

    Connor’s character is the strength of the show, just as many series have a standout character. Yet, as with those other shows, his character can only shine through the excellent support characters with whom he is surrounded.

    I am a loyal fan of the series and I hope others find it just as enjoyable.

  2. That was epic! Part 2 is crazy, and all those girls running around in there underwear. That was seriously funny.

  3. The concept of the show sounds like something I would really like. Too bad I went back and watched the first “PSA” video first, and they made a totally factually-inaccurate, unnecessary swipe at my religion. *rolleyes* I don’t think that bodes too well, so I will have to pass.

  4. Sarah, they take numerous factually inaccurate and unnecessary swipes at many things. It’s comedy. No need to be so sensitive about your wackjob beliefs.

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