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Celestial Crusade

This episode: The heroes come face to face with the biggest dragon of them all.


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  1. *Here there be spoilers!*

    Good show! Rodrigo’s depiction of Tiamat is fantastic. I’m somewhat glad Torq didn’t get a clericdom from Tiamat. She would obviously be a poor fit for him (which she recognized).

    I will say the atmosphere for this episode was tenser than most. Maybe it was just because they were meeting with a DARK GOD, but the How the Third characters don’t seem to mesh all that well with the two from the main party. Though…. they’ve just met so time will tell.

    I’m assuming next week we’ll peek in on the fantastical adventures of Orem & Randus and Glaa & Captain PaladinFace. Also, looking forward to Moonhold ‘Em (or is it Moon Hold ‘Em?).


  2. Was Tiamat’s request to let her dragons eat anyone to fall over taken from a comic in the Exalted handbook with the Twilight caste and the sharkman.

  3. Really a great episode made greater by the team’s inability to pull the wool over Tiamat’s eyes. That would have mms out of the story, to tell the truth.

    I have a feeling this astral sea pact will come to the same horrible ends that the Guardians changes to the Green Lantern rules did. I hope that the team deals with the repercussions as finely as they usually do.

    Also, I LOVE Seven Owls Wise, and I hope he gets a real chance to shine.

  4. I mostly echo the feelings of others, the atmosphere was great in this episode, you could really tell from the moment they landed (?) at the Bulwark of Fangs that this was the home of a very powerful Dragon. Finally getting to meet at to a limited extent ‘face off’ with said Dragon was a very satisfying encounter. However, it would seem that Ket pretty badly underestimated Tiamat… makes you wonder if the rest of his plans are going to end up being as successful as this one.

    Speaking of Ket, I hope we get deeper into his backstory a little quicker than we did with Smith.

  5. I was messing around with sites while listening to the podcast, and brought up …and the background music started right as Ket was offering Torq… and for a moment I thought it was part of the podcast. :P It fit so well :P

    I wonder if a soundtrack was ever considered for Critical Hit, some ambient music to play behind the hackion.

  6. I wonder how much of the conversation between Tiamat and Torq Matthew chose because he didn’t want to multi-class (pure speculation on my part here) or thought Torq would say. I’m sure Matthew is more then smart enough to find reasons for Torq to join the Church of Latter Day Dargons without changing his core values, I would like to know what was his thought process in that conversation.

    Love the ambiance of the episode, very creepy and the fact the boots melted was a cool little extra.

    • Sounded to me like Torq was just being Torq and Tiamat just wasn’t interested in a big scary 3/4 Orc with a heart of gold. I don’t think Matthew was skewing the conversation away from Torq joining the Church of Latter Day Dargons (love that!) out of any desire not to multiclass.

      • What I meant to say is that Matthew could have found a way to meet Tiamat’s expectations within Torq’s mentality, what I wondered is if he chose to stay in character to skip the multi-class or did he just stay in character with no other thought behind it. I’m pretty sure the answer will be none of your business or no comment, it’s just something that interests me.

  7. I just discovered this podcast 2 or 3 weeks ago and I am really enjoying them. I love D&D 4e, but have zero time to play it or really know anybody in town who plays. I am only on episode 17 so I have quite a ways to go. I am also a Kansas native and was thrilled to have the pod casts sprinkled with KS references that only a local would get. Also thanks for putting page numbers to the references.

  8. Well done depiction of Tiamat. Rodrigo played her extremely forgiving to the bumbling negotiation of ill-prepared and completely lost Ket. I’m surprised that he didn’t get eaten for wasting her time. Good thing Torq was there to save the day.

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