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  1. Interesting choice to use new costume. I like the looks of the actress. She might need to tone up just a bit… being picky. I like it except for the shininess of the costume.

    Lines, details, logo, are all good.

  2. justanothergeek on

    Interesting choice, I was expecting something a little more Xena and a little less an XXX parody ( not that there is anything wrong with that) but whatever.

  3. The bustier is fine, but the pants are too shiny. And I think she needs to work on the arms; it wouldn’t hurt to have Wonder Woman have some muscles.

  4. I’m in the same boat. She looks like an incredibly hot woman wearing a really good Wonder Woman costume. But she doesn’t look like Wonder Woman if you know what I mean. That being said, I do like it.

  5. Now that I see her in costume, for the first time I don’t like their choice of actress. Her face looks pudgy and she is overly pale for that shade of lipstick. The costume is too latexy and the shine is distracting to me. I like the choice of using the pants for the costume though.

      • To sort of defend the pudgy comment. Her face is round. She in no way is pudgy. Super fine…hell to the yes but wonder woman has a more minka kelly look from the same show as this lass. Her face is longer less round. I think that’s what are good pal here was meaning to say because I’d let Ms. Palicki eat a bag chips and polish it off with the crackers on my bed anytime. Just saying. Call me.

      • My exact words were “her face looks pudgy” which means that I acknowledge that she is not by any means pudgy, but the hair and photography create the illusion because she has a round face and ill-defined cheek bones and chin angulature.

        I am not claiming she is unattractive, but it is certainly not the image I associate with Wonder Woman.

  6. It ok, the costume passes with me, looks like a nod to the Wonder Woman 70’s series 1st and 3rd season….

  7. I was expecting more of the black slacks and jacket look. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if it makes sense with the setting of the show. If she’s fighting street crime in the city, it’s ridiculous, if she’s in a land of magic and monsters; maybe this is perfect.

  8. It looks like the same quality that was the Dr. Fate costume on Smallville “Absolute Justice”. I’m on the fence. Hope the series isn’t all campy.

  9. This is a joke right? It looks like a cheap halloween costume you bought for 10$… She looks how Laura Prepon would if disguised as WW for that 70’s Show.

    Let me get this straight, no super powers as far as we know, no magical background, an urban setting and they felt that keeping the costume would be a good idea? I was expecting something that looked like a strong material with the WW colors and logo that covered/protected more of the body. She’s supposed to be a succesful business woman (hence well known) and she expect people not to recognise her if she’s walking around wearing bright latex?

    P.S. The boots should be red, they look odd as the same color as the pants.

  10. How much talcom powder does that thing take to get on?

    I guess… Eh. I mean, I wasn’t really expecting them to go for the “bathing suit style” and I get that wonder woman is really difficult t pull off since you have to make her look tough without sacrificing the eye-candy that the fanboys love… But I don’t see this as the solution.

  11. Canadian_Bacon on

    As we’ve heard on the show & seen many times before, a still promo picture doesn’t accurately reflect the look that will be in the show (I.E. Thor, Green Lantern…). Imagine this in a dark alley as she kicks the crap out of some baddies with the right lighting etc, it will probably be a good look. I agree that she might do with a bit of upper body strengthening, but that probably won’t be a factor once the makeup department gets done with her. Not to mention that her buff stunt double will be doing the fight scenes I imagine.

  12. I think the costume will look good in “action”; with actors moving, the shiny details will stand out just right without being overpowering. I’m also thinking that it will be easy to manipulate in post-production.

    My only complaint is the lipstick: It’s clearly mean to match the red of the top, but it doesn’t work here. The actress doesn’t need the contrast (unlike a cartoon or comic figure), and that much lipstick isn’t going to do well in close-ups/talkie-shots.

  13. Keith Blankenship on

    I love the shade of blue they chose. It makes sense to update the costume. I guess having red boots would have been too much? Overall it looks like a good start and I look forward to the show. I hope they have other DC heroes guest star like we saw in Smallville.

  14. Antonio Sanciolo on

    surely this is just some new way of testing ideas or something?
    throw it out into the ether and see what the intertubes say… I mean, that looks like something I’d buy my fiancee from the sex shop… not that I would… she’d kill me.

  15. if this was leather looking or combat textured looking stuff they use it work, this is looks like the halloween version of a good costume

    and she doesnt need that bright lip stick

  16. I’ll echo everyone elses statements of it looking kinda cheap and dodgy, especially the theoretically metallic parts. But I looks alot better when you view the entire image in one frame. Also worth noting is when we first saw the Thor costume it provoked similar reactions, obviously this is a more dramatic case of the same condition, but the costumes have looked really good in the trailers.

    That said I’m being optimistic, it does look pretty halloweeny.

  17. Yeah, have to say it looks really cheap and plasticky. I think they shoulda given her leather trousers (in a similar vein to the X-Men movies). But maybe this isn’t really the actual costume – maybe it’s just a shot that they released to whet appetites, gauge reaction and so on – at least that’s what I’m hoping!??

  18. So when Clark Kent stars in a modern super hero television series we get a realistic super boy in normal clothes that just happen to be red and blue but when it’s Dianas turn we get a strippers outfit that would have been deemed a bit “too much” in the eighties…aint exuality beautiful?

    Honestly, this is ridiciulous and I sincerely hope it’s not the final version, I’d prefer that terrible “new wonder woman” black leather thing to this, at least that one looks functional. And before anyone starts about “that’s what her costume looks like in the book” I direct you once again to Clark Kent in smallville. Diana is supposed to be an amazon warrior, is it too much to expect something that at least looks slightly more realistic? I would have gone for a more “aincient greek” approach or even if they’d just scrapped the suit but kept the artifacts (tiara, lasso, wristbands) but this is just embarrasing.

    • I agree entirely infact I think the same about the original swimsuit design of her old costume shes a freaken bad ass AMAZON warrior why dose she wear a strippers outfit that (at least used to) look like an American flag? It never made sense and as a non American myself it seemed a bit alienating. You’d think that she would wear some thing that fits her personality rather then some thing that makes her look like someone out of the patriotic playboy edition.

      • I don’t think you want to see her in an actual amazone warrior get up, from what I remember of Greek mythology it would imply her cutting one of her boobs to better handle a bow, wear nothing on top save maybe half a leather armor that didn’t covert the remaining breast and a loincloth. I think you mean more of a Xena type amazones attire, which is not how they are discribed in mythos at all.

  19. The leg is too shiny! Ouch.. my eyes…
    It should be darker like in the comic.

    And there should be some strap on her shoulder and her biceps/triceps so she would have the look of an amazon soldier.

  20. If the pants were red or in a less shiny material, it’d probably look better. It’s a fine design, keeping just enough of the classic swimsuit outfit to still me Wondy, but it would definitely work better in a different material. It’s not “slutty” or “stripper wear” just because it’s shiny – in fact, it strikes me as more childish, since the material looks like the same stuff used to make Power Ranger uniforms.

    • It’s not “slutty” or “stripper wear” just because it’s shiny – in fact, it strikes me as more childish, since the material looks like the same stuff used to make Power Ranger uniforms.

      Total agreement here…

    • I agree…mostly.

      The leather bustier doesn’t shout Power Rangers to me. In fact, the leather in general is a touch annoying. Why is that the default for any superhero in movies?

      • The bustier isn’t PR at all, but that fabric is shiny enough that if you gave her full sleeves & a helmet you’d get the Wonder Ranger.

        I don’t get the leather thing, either. Maybe it’s the only option besides spandex people can find?

    • The gold parts still need look more like metal and less like plastic, but yes, just making the pants and boots darker makes the outfit look a LOT less ridiculous.

  21. Adding my 2 cents…the costume itself looks ok, and as others pointed out, in action, it will look better than a posed photo. I also think that having the boots be red would have been a better choice, and the bustier should be a little higher, or even closed off (some type of tight long-sleeve outfit that goes up to the neck, and maybe with some V-neck detail for contrast)…it just seems that it would be hard to prevent accidents during a lot of action, even if this would diverge too far from the comic book look.

    Really liked the bracelets, however, and the tiara looks nice as well.

  22. I dont mind the shine but where are the red boots. You cant be wonder woman and no red boots. And whats up with the head band. Really? A frigin head band. What the hell? Cheap and too cheap.

  23. Blackthunder01 on

    I think it’s sexy but I don’t think it’s optimal for anything other than a porn parody. I don’t see how she’s going to sneak through the nights of detroit (or where ever she’s protecting) in that neon sign she’s wearing. Like I said before, make her a publicly loved hero and sneaking would be an issue.

  24. So the new costume in the comics was pretty much prepping fans for the live-action version.

    It’s not the shine I disapprove of so much as the choice of light blue pants. I guess I can understand the decision – the showrunners probably wanted to incorporate the blue elements of the “red-white-and-blue” costume without going the way of the star-spangled swimsuit look.

    Still, I can’t really see how this will look on TV without being laughable. I’ll continue to keep an open mind though.

  25. You know, depending on when the scenes that this costume are in are filmed (like, if it’s shot at night as she’s a successful business woman by day, right?), going with brighter colors may’ve actually been to balance things out. They look brighter and ridiculous fully lit, yes. But, at night …

  26. JenniferJane on

    Have to agree with Ringo on it looking like, from this photo at least, like a one-episode outfit from Smallville. Very plastic. Still, I’ll wait to see how it looks – and the acting behind it – goes. To be honest, I’m more worried that Kelley has Harry’s Law on the go seemingly simultaneously to this (hope I’m misreading!):


    I mean, if he had to choose … speculative fiction show with relatively unknown actress vs Kathy Bates leading in an already ratings-success … well, his focus might be elsewhere, in the long-term.

    If we’re comparing hypothetical designs, I really want to see these ones in some official format (and almost certainly never will):



  27. The costume being used in the pilot HAS been changed this initial photo.

    -The peacock blue boots and blue latex pants are gone
    – They added flat heeled red boots and dark blue leggings

    The costume looks MUCH better now, not perfect, but closer to the renderings various artists have been posting on the web.

    My only two remaining complaints are that the bustier still looks too shiny (and impractical without straps to hold Adrian’s considerable endowment), and the metal parts don’t seem “metallic” (much like the Thor movie costumes). Perhaps real metal does not film well.

    But in action, it all looks MUCH better:


  28. I am not a big fan of this costume. I’m glad it was never really used, but sad that the wonder woman tv show did not happen.

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