DIGITAL COMICS: Reading List for the Week of March 16, 2011


Another week, another round of new comics digital comics released for iPad and Android users. Take the jump for a rundown of digital comics worth checking out this week.


Captain America and Crossbones (3.99)
Marvel is hyping up Captain America, and once again, there’s another Captain America book for you to check out. Something about a virus, and island, and a skull-faced psychopath…

Formic Wars: Burning Earth #3 (of 7) ($2.99)
THE WAR IS ON! Orson Scott Card fans; it’s time to get your read on.



DC has a huge deal going on Saint Patrick’s Day on ComiXology. If it is a green character (Green Lantern, Green Arrow, you get the picture), recent issues are for sale for 99-cents. Today only!

Hawaiian Dick: The Last Resort #1 – 2 ($1.99)
Classic detective Noir set on the Hawaiian islands, but mixed with the paranormal and bizarre.   The first two issues of the four issue mini-series were released this week, which means you can look forward to the other two arriving next week.

Dragon’s Lair ($9.99)
The classic ’80s video game has been brought to laser disc, CD, DVD, PC, the iPad, and now the 2008 comic series from Arcana Comics is available digitally.

Cloudburst ($1.99)
I like the teamwork of Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti.  Too bad I didn’t discover this story back in 2004 when it was originally released.  Thank goodness for digital comics…

Onslaught Reborn #1 – 5 ($1.99 each)
The Jeph Loeb/Rob Liefeld story is now available in digital form. Might be worth checking out, just to see Liefeld’s art…

Plan 9 From Outer Space Strikes Again #1 ($0.99)
The worst movie in history is now a comic book.  This book continues where the movie left off. And you all want to know where the movie left off, don’t you?


What did you download this week?